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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!! Squadron Forward?!

Hope everyone had a great new years and that this year will bring with it hope that will be realized. Did not game much over the holidays. Had one game over a government HQ in Danzig with my Dad.

Russia steamrolls to victory!
Played several games of Bag the Hun by Too Fat Lardies. Fun games that emphasis men over hardware. Of course I have modified the rules! That got me thinking; could I do a Platoon Forward type of campaign for a squadron? Again it would not be tied to a set of rules but could be played with Check Six or any other plane to plane game. Parts of it would be easier (less people to worry about.) and parts would be more difficult ( less control over how you accomplish your missions) Have started tinkering around with a system. Will see what happens. Since I didn't play any platoon forward to report thought I would post this as a change of pace:
Flt Lt Thomas heard the briefer drone on. He was to patrol over the coast road with 4 Warhawks. Vital to protect the trucks... critical to the war effort... blah blah blah. He looked over at Sdr Ldr Workman. The man was an idiot but well connected. At least he wasn't flying today. Thomas would be in charge. No light brigade charges today!!
Flt Lt Austin Thomas Careful Veteran
Flt Officer Jessie Oldfield Jovial Veteran +1 leadership ability +1 on personality rolls
Sgt Ken Harrision Foolish Avg
Sgt Skip Harris Mercurical Avg -1 on personality rolls
Flying over a supply dump on the way to their check point they were fired on by friendly flak. Good thing the stupid bastards can't aim worth a darn! Need to drop off some recognition leaflets to those chaps.
Radar picked up 4 bogeys moving towards the road low and fast. Blast! Out of position. Throttle forward; scan the sky. Oldfield calls out bandits 12 o clock high! (He is a good chap and an excellent pilot.) Me 109s; no Me 110s! 2 climb and turn towards us while 2 make a run towards the road. "Jessie. You and Skip take the 2 climbing and I will go after the 2 running. Don't let those bastards dive down on us!
2 ME 110s pass over Thomas and Harrison
It soon becomes apparent that Thomas will not catch the 2 ME 110s before they get to the road. Flt Lt Thomas has already been fired on by friendly flak today so he eases up and tangles with the trailing ME 110s. He manages to smash the fore and aft cockpits of the leader but it refuses to go down. The leader turns to take on Thomas while his wingman races for the road. Jessie's element is in hot pursuit.
2 burning trucks on the road
ME 110 leaking fuel
Meanwhile the road is not pleaseant. 2 ME 110s each made 2 strafing passes and a 3rd plane made a single pass. Men spill out of our 4 trucks and our 2 MMGs fire madly. The lead ME 110 is hit on the first pass (fuel leak) but continues. When it is over, 2 trucks are burning and 2 trucks are disabled.
As the ME 110s streak 2oo ft off the deck for home the Warhawks engage. As Flt Lt Thomas moves in for a shot he passes across the front of a ME 110 for only a few seconds. The German pilots fires at the fleeting target. 20mm cannon shells hit the inline engine with explosive fury. It is doubtful wheither Flt Lt Thomas knew what happened before his warhawk exploded into the desert floor.
German forces
4 ME 110 C or Ds on a strafing mission 1 pilot Jr Ace, 2 veterans and 1 average.
It will take 3 missions for a replacement pilot and plane to appear. Meanwhile F/O Oldfield will run the flight. The only other thing that has happened is Skip Harris made ammends with his crew chief whom he had pissed off earlier.
The system has some merit. Who knows, maybe there will be a Squadron Forward some day.


  1. "Flying over a supply dump on the way to their check point they were fired on by friendly flak. Good thing the stupid bastards can't aim worth a darn! "

    :D haha reminds me of a game of B17 I played once.

  2. B17 is a great game! It gets repetative but I suppose real bombing missions do as well. I always wanted to take a squadron of B17s and fly 25 missions to see what would happen. Only made 2 missions of 10 planes each! Of course this was before computers