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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A chapel named St Anne

This is yet another battle with my american platoon in the opening stages of the Battle of the Bulge. For more background see the last post from Jan 19.

Lt Brown was dreaming of Christmas at home when his platoon Sergeant SSgt Klug came in with SSgt Roth. Roth was the Plt Sgt from the Hvy Weapons platoon. Brown didn't particularly like him as he was a pushy New Yorker but Klug and he seemed to get along fine. "Sir, SSgt Roth's brand new Lt is lost with a bunch of his guys up the road. They were pulling back here when they ran onto some Germans. They are overdue by 3 hours! A frenchie [ ed note: This would be a Belgian who speaks french] says there are some americans trapped in a chapel 2 klicks from here. It has to be the Lt. Capt Lincoln is up at battalion and anyway sir he doesn't have the balls to go on a rescue mission. I think we gotta go sir. Those are americans up there." ended SSgt Klug.
Brown looked out the window and considered his options silently. Capt Lincoln was a decent fellow but was very cautious. He would not risk an unsupported platoon in the unknown for 10-15 americans. Brown was politically savy and was currently flying high but Brown also had a fierce loyalty to those on the front lines who did the fighting. He rang battalion and of course was not allowed to speak to Capt Lincoln. "Could you please tell Capt Lincoln that I have seen some Germans along my front and am sending out a patrol to gather some information please." he said with a grin.

Lt Brown Cunning Gr III
SSgt Klug 1st squad delightful Gr II
Sgt Claypool 2nd squad cautious Gr III
Sgt Gerrard 3rd squad cunning Gr II

Lt I got lost Gr II Hesitant commander
SSgt Roth Gr II

Board looking from the american entrance.
Trapped americans are in the Church and jeep in
the yard. Germans set up in the woods on the
right and along the hedge behind the church
Blown up halftrack on road
Lt Brown was going to lead with Klug on the right and Gerrard on the left. He would hold Claypool and Roth back until he determined where the enemy strength was. Roth would then set up to attack the strength while Claypool went around the strength into the church to rescue the machine gunners.
Germans in the woods pin the americans while their
commerades behind the hedge close assault
As Brown's forces advanced to contact they heard machine gun fire rage around the chapel and mortar shells hit the grey roof. A mortar off to the far left on a hill slowed 3rd squad's advance to the wall of the church. SSgt Klug advanced rapidly and entered the woods only to find a german squad there. Brown sent Roth's 50 cal up to support Klug and sent Claypool across the road into the churchyard
SSgt Klug in the woods to the right of St Anne's
Sgt Claypool discovered there was a Marder covering the road and several shells convinced him to bring his squad back to the safety of the woods.

Lt "I got lost" speaks with Sgt Gerrard behind
the church
(I know his helmet has a horizontal stripe; sorry!)
A wounded Lt came out crying to Sgt Gerrard and 2nd squad who had managed to make it into the chapel courtyard. The germans have taken the chapel! I have several wounded men in there. You must help me take it back; no I order you to take it back. Gerrard looked at Cpl Morgan his assistant squad leader, " It is what we came to do Sergant" he shrugged.
Sgt Gerrard told the Lt since he was wounded he should sit down and stay out of the way so he would not get "more injuried". 2nd squad worked there way into the church. Fortunatley there were only 5 germans left in there. After a short fight which did cost 2nd squad 2 KIAs St Anne's was liberated once more. There were 4 dead americans and 4 wounded besides the LT. The wounded were successfully evacuated while the rest of the platoon held the germans at bay.
Later that evening after Lt Brown had given his report to Capt Lincoln the Captain spoke. "Brown, that was a tactically unsound move you did today. But you destroyed a Marder and saved 5 trapped americans as well as raised the morale of the entire company. Thank you. That is all; DISMISSED!
Great game though I should have moved faster to save the folks in the chapel. At set up the american postion looked strong. Once the germans got into the chapel they chewed up the heavy weapons folks.
3 squads
1 50 cal MG
1 60mm Mtr
Trapped in the chapel 1 3 man LMG and 1 5 man half squad plus 1 jeep with 30 cal
75% chance of Volks grenadier. I rolled a 4 on a d4 so used regualr wermacht
2 squads
2 Gr II leaders
1 Gr I leader
1 50 mm mtr
1 Marder III
offboard 81mm mtr
turn 4 reinforcements 1 gr II leader, 1 gr I leader 1 squad and 1 MMG
This is a variant of the couterattack scenario. To win the americans must control the church for 2 turns and evacuate the trapped troops then make their way off the south edge of the board.


  1. Great stuff! Always look forward to reading about your battles. In what way have you changed the TW&T rules? Have recently bought these rules and looks like its gonna take some getting used to!

  2. In a series of 3 articles I have simplified them a bit. I don't keep track of "wounds" and have replaced the fire table with simple to hit dice. Armor likewise is simplified as I don't care where the tank was hit. The third article does add some complication with initiative and platoon "guts". I have called the system "Lazy TW&T". It is published in the last 3 lardie specials. You can get them from Rich at his website. If you own several of their games they are a great deal. If you don't perhaps Rich would just sell you the 3 articles as a set for a nominal fee. The articles aren't long (4 pages tops). If there is enough interest I have been meaning to ask him if he would bundle the 3 article together anyway.


  3. Hi Joe,
    No reply from Rich as yet about just getting your articles but will keep trying. Busy painting my german inf so hope to start my games v soon


  4. Steve,
    Will contact Rich and ask him. What scale are you going to game in?