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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ethiopian training excercise 1935

Before Sgt Bustamanti and platoon fought a guerilla war in Ethiopia they participated in it's liberation. This comes from the opening days of the war and shows how Buffo gained his reputation and loyalty of his men.
During the Italian invasion roads were important for the attacker for supply. Despite the Ethiopian disdain for defensive combat their Turkish and Belgian advisors convinced them to construct defensive works to stop the aggressors.

As Lt Chianti walked up to Capt Butro he already knew what had happened and what his platoon would be asked to do. He had heard the firing up ahead as the column had stopped. He was thrilled that the Capitano was trusting him to re open the road from whatever rabble was blocking it. He believed in Italy and a new Roman empire. He was hoping some of the glory would rub off on him!! His mind snapped back to what the Capt was saying. "We have a tank and a sahariana to support you. We will also give the trees and the hill a drubbing with artillery before you go in. I suspect this will be much like a field excercise. Good Luck"

Lt Chianti Romantic gr II
Sgt Buffo Bustamanti confident/ family 1st squad Gr II
Cpl Petracela cultured asl Gr II
Sgt Polti obnoxious 2nd squad Gr I
Cpl Riccelo Cheap asl Gr I

1 Platoon 1 45mm mtr 1 MMG 1 L3 tankette 1 sahariana jeep 2 stonks of 75mm arty with more on call if you need it

Looking from Italian positions
column took fire from trench in trees
black markers are suspected positions
Lt Chainti decided subtlety was not needed here. He sent one squad to the left of the road and one to the right. The tank would go down the middle with the jeep swing wide right to pin down any forces in the building.
The artillery hit the trenches in the trees and shocked the wahlas. The artillery fell short of the hill and a MMG opened up from that position.
Initial advance

Buffo's squad quickly gaining the trees
Buffo's men moved smartly and gained the trees before the Wahlas recovered. There they traded shots with the savages.
On the right the MMG slowed 2nd squad greatly causing casulaties. Then it stopped! (broke) Polti rallied his folks with LTs help and moved up.
Sgt Polti's squad gains postions in front of
the hill with difficulty (nice jacket)

At this point Buffo led his men into the trenches to avenge their grandfather's defeat in this country years ago. The Ethiopians rose to the challange. At last, combat worthy of a warrior!
Combat worthy of warriors!
Buffo in the center
Buffo's leadership and skill carried the day as 5 of the 8 warriors fell with the rest retreating. The survivors moved to the hill where they were rallied by their officer. Buffo moved to flank them but warriors appeared on his left. ( they had moved from the building around the hill to flank Buffo) to make matters worse the MMG started up again and 2nd squad was taking heavy casualties. The Italians were pushed back.
At this point Capt Butro appears with a forward observed. After talking with Lt Chainti it was decided to pound the hill and then have another assualt led by Buffo.
Artillery pounds the hill
Yes, that is a french gouimer MMG! Sorry

The final assault. Even the tank gets
into the act
Buffo's men charge up the hill as smoke still hangs in the air. The fighting is furious but Italian elan carries the day! The Ethiopians, defeated but not broken retreat up the road. 1st squad is too exhausted to pursue; some training excercise!
Great game! At first it looked like another Italian blowout with Buffo gaining the trees and the MMG breaking. After the 1st trench cleared the Ethiopians stabalized as the MMG came back on line. I actually called it a draw as the Italians took a long time to clear the road and took 11 casualties.
Ethiopian forces
3 "squads" 1 with a LMG
1 Gr III officer 2 Gr II NCOs and 1 Gr I NCO
1 pre plotted 75mm artillery strike. Don't need to pre plot turn just location. (Someone will send out a signal that says "fire it now")
Forces set up dug in
the asl for 2nd sq was killed during the assault. He will be replaced by Cpl Fan. Lt Chianti tried to get Sgt Polti replaced and was unsuccessful. 2nd's squad's morale went down after the battle. He has decided to swap Sgts and give Polti the better squad and Buffo the worse one. We will see how the squads react! Buffo was praised by all for his bravery and elan. He met the CSM of the battalion and he earned his Grade III rating.

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