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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Plekui 1968

Inspired by Rich Clark's article "Tet a Tet" in the TFL Summer special I played my own villiage fight using my 1st Cav. I stole his map and used a modified "Hasty Attack" scenario from Platoon Forward to generate the forces. This is the 8th battle with this platoon. 2nd Squad's morale went up after last battle due to Lt McSwain's leadership.

Lt McSwain entered into the hut where he and SSgt Davis had been hastily summoned by Lt Jaroz the company CO. Looks like Charlie is staging some type of attack into Plekui. Division is up in arms so battalion is as well. Crank up and enter Plekui and see what exactly is going on. No helos but we have trucks, one track and a tank. Move out in 45 minutes. You might hit some blocking forces on the way; push through and find out what is going on at division. Good Luck.

Lt McSwain Optomistic/movies Gr II
SSgt Davis 1st sq shy/ wealth Gr III Brillaint leader
Cpl Lawrence 2nd squad Gambler/greed Gr II
Sgt Colton 3rd sq cunning/ family Gr I
1st and 2nd squad high morale 3rd squad average morale

As you enter the outskirts of town you hear firing up ahead. What is your plan LT?

Outskirts looking from town
1st Cav will enter far side of board
Lt McSwain unloads the trucks. He decides to send 3rd squad up towards the houses on the right (his right/ left side of picture above) to find source of firing. 3rd squad has not done as much fighting as the other 2 squads and though they are not as proficient he is trying to even the workload.
A HMG quickly opens up from the red roofed house pinning 3rd squad. They do see an ARVN squad in the nearest house fighting it out with VC squads nearby. Lt McSwain, curses himself. He knew Colton wasn't up to the task. He orders SSgt Davis to infiltrate left through the paddies to take out the HMG, the tank forward to shell the red roofed house and the track to the right to lay down fire as needed. He will go forward to rally 3rd squad.
3rd squad proves difficult to rally. Suddenly out of the elephant grass to the right a rocket streaks toward the tank. The Lt doesn't need to look back as he hears the tremendous explosion.

Failure of 3rd squads attack. Lt McSwain
is the one still standing in front.
SSgt Davis made some headway on the right until they ran smack into a VC squad. They held their own but could not advance as the HMG turned its attention on them.
The Lt orders the track up to lay fire on the elephant grass. This track is designed for anti aircraft work with a gattlin gun and cuts an impressive swath through the grass. Meanwhile, 2nd squad goes wide right through the swamp as 3rd squad lays down supressive fire.

Cpl Lawrence and 2nd squad advance
through a swamp

2nd squad manges to push through to the grass and actually takes one of the houses but looses 4 men in the process. It is too much. Lt Mcswain orders a pull back from the town. He explains to Lt Jaroz that he is up against at least a company and requests an air strike on the town. Jaroz knows McSwain to be a good officer. If he can't make it maybe this is something big. He tells McSwain to hold while he checks with battalion, LtCol Patterson.
So ends the first battle! I haven't lost in a while so this will keep me humble. I used the iniative rules from the Christmas special and the americans went 3 turns without getting the tank firing card. This allowed the VC to move up a RPG to take it out. Ouch. Guess the tankers couldn't figure out the target or had a brand new sergeant.
American forces as above plus 2 M 60s. . the M113 had a gattling gun on it.
When the americans reach the 3 closest building roll a d6. On a 1-2 there is a 6 person ARVN squad in there with a Gr I leader. The ARVN will get no more than 2 squads total. The ARVN will defend their building but will not advance.
2 Gr II leaders 1 gr I leader 1 squad with low morale
3 squads all armed with AK 47s. 1 HMG and 1 LMG team. 2 RPGs
a random reinforcement came in [ turn 4]that was a squad with a gr III leader. This was the squad that SSgt Davis ran into.
Great game. Hopefully you can do better than I

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