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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Punative Raid part III

The last installment!  Please start by reading installment I posted 2 days ago.

We left off with Voss on the left having beat off the Welsh calvary.  The Hirdmen in the center gave way under the direction of a gold helmeted warrior named Carnif.  Krog is in the back with several Bondi who are reorganizing after putting to the spear some Javilin throwers.

The 2 surviving hirdmen look across the field
at Carnif

Voss starts to plunder the barrles.  The hirdmen failed their morale so Krog sends them to the rear.  With the Teulu fatigued he gathers his bondi and charges the Gold helmeted warrior!

While Krog matches Carnif blow for blow his
Bondi are no match for the Teulu.
They fall and Krog retreats alone
Carnif, smelling victory, follows!
Krog- outnumber 6 -1 falls after dispatching 3 but it takes
2 rounds of combat.
During the second round the Hirdman move up but are far away.
Voss, seeing Krog in trouble, drop the barrels but the variable movement
goes against Krog and the Bondi are late! (tense die roll that was!)

Voss shows up moments after Krog falls.  His enraged troops
Dispatch the Teulu but loose all but Voss in the process.
Voss triumphs over Carnif!  
He rushes over to Krog and finds him still breathing
(Hey, it is my story!)
Relieved he does a very Ahistorical thing
He leaves the still breathing Carnif in the field
Lifts his sword towards the village and 
lets out a blood curdeling viking yell.
Then the Hirmen carry Krog back to the beach

  Great game and the system seems to be working well.  Have yet to test battle boards for the Normans or the Saxons.   If this works hhope to pen an article for WI.
For those interested in trying the scenario here are the Welsh forces:
Carnif    Gr II leader   AC 4  start on board
10 Teulu   AC 4     enter     turn 4
10 Priodaur  AC 4    start on board
8   Priodaur calvary  AC 4  enter turn 4
12  Javalins  Bonnedigs  AC 3  start on board

3 SAGA dice until turn 4 then 5 SAGA dice.

Enjoy  This weekend it is back to the jungles of Vietnam and the Middle of NoWhere!


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