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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A bad day for the AVG

Pop down 2 posts to read about my AVG flying tigers.  Have decided to go with a new stand system since the freebie stands from Raiden did not work as well as I hoped.  My planes would fall off about 20% of the time.  Went with the Omni stand from CorSec enginering and bought my own magnets from K and J to glue onto my planes.   Have to say it is working out very well.  The stands are a bit expensive ( $ 3 ) but are telescoping, sturdy and the acrylic bases look sharp.  They should last a lifetime so money well spent!
 I also finaly painted up some Nates so it was time to try out my stands and the Nates against the AVG

Squadron Leader Niece called Jake into the operations hut.  Jake didn't like Niece because he was obnoxious.  No one in the squadron did.    " Well Jake, since you are such a good shot I would like you to take a couple of planes and escort some bombers up to Thailand tomoorow." 


Jake Davis  Scholarly    Vet          3 Kills
Bill O' Toole     Bumbling    Green
Moose Moose MacGuillicuddy   Generous    Leadership 

4  Blenhems

The new stands and Nates!

Unlike last battle where the Tomahawks crept up on the Oscars; the Nates held the advantage here.

Nates start their runs on the bombers.
(No planes falling off stands today!)

The bombers radioed they had Nates on their tails.  Blast!   The AVG had been caught out of position.  Davis quickly did a half loop and tried to get into postion.  With the Tomahawks speed not much better than the bombers this proved difficult to do.  The Nates where very experienced pilots and 3 bombers fell in the melee.  

A Nate behind Bill O' Toole

Bill's plane exploded in a fireball And MacGuillicuddy dove a way with his tail in shambles  during the battle as not one Flying Tiger managed to get a shot off.  The surviving Blenhem did hit the field doing minor damage and destroyed an light AA gun.   MacGuillicuddy crashes his plane back at the field and wounds himself.   All in all a bad day for the AVG.

A one sided battle that was frustrating.   I was glad Davis wasn't hurt as he is my leading AVG scorer.  Bill was the only green pilot in the AVG.  Moose's landing was excting and he will be back.  The post game events were more exciting.  The squadron loses 1 cool point for getting smoked so bad.   Squadron morale goes down due to a combination of Sdr Leader Niece lack of popularity and Miss Rennisson Flaunting her desire for wingman Schroeder rather than giving the other pilots a chance.  Lastly Chenault gives the squadron a new plane to replace O'Toole's.    If morale continues to drop he will be forced to remove Niece.  What if the Govoner finds out about Miss Rennison and Wingman Schroeder?   Again in Squadron Forward sometimes fighting the enemy is the easy part! 

For those of you wishing to play the scenario the Japanese have 6 Nates that start in the 6 o'clock position 2/3 of the spotting distance from the bombers.    Their pilots were rolled up as follows:
1 ace/ 3 Veterans/ 2 Average



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