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Monday, July 23, 2012

A wargamer looks at Duxford

Haven't been posting because my family came to see me from the USA for the last 2 weeks.  Took my Dad and Brother to Duxford.  Great place for aerial buffs as well as for WW II buffs in general.  Due to bandwith I am limited to 5 pictures as of late so...
You gotta love a classic.  They actually have 2 there plus a B-24, B-29 and B-52.

First time I have ever seen a Lancaster!  Boy are they big.

They have alot of aircraft there and a neat thing is that many are in working order.  I have been there on a weekend in the past and you can see them flying.  If you go on an air show day I bet it is spectacular.  In addition to many aircraft they have a whole hanger of vehicles that are manily WW II.   This is well done and worth a visit in and of itself.

A tiger on a street looking for bear!

There are several full scale dioramas with vehicles in them that are simply smashing like the one pictured above.

After visiting there I could not get my kin to play Bag the Hun.  They wanted to play...

A meeting engagement using the Platoon Forward scenario from a Lardy special a couple years back
My son and I were the russians while my brother and his son were the Germans.
We won.
They got revenge with SAGA the next night though

Also got my Dad to a WW II airfield near here called Lavenham.  He enjoyed it.

B-24 hanger at Lavenham

Will still post the pictures of the IWM and Sutton Hoo.




  1. Have to return to Duxford, ASAP... now if Chany will respond to my message I can organize something... ahahahah... by the way how the restoration project of the F-105 is doing?

  2. It is a great place. I don't recall seeing a F 105 there. There are plenty of planes being restored though so I could have missed it. they have a JU 52 that is almost ready.


  3. Awesome. Thats a lot of planes in that Hanger. Looks like it is well worth a visit. Seeing a real Lancester is always great.

  4. Kiwi
    That is just one of 9 hangars that they have. It is an amazing place.