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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pirate raid on Stuart's towne

Fianlly pre ordered Donnybrook.   It was really difficult but that is another story.   While waiting played a game using Sharpe Practice but inserting the combat system for Donnybrook.  This was difficult as I don't have the rules yet but worked quite well I must say! 

This was a pirate raid by Black Bart  (Gr II) and 22 pirates against Stuart's Towne.   The initail defense were two militia in the tower.

Stuart's Towne!!
The pirates landed in two boats only carrying 8 men, one at the beach on the right and 8 more at the dock.   The rest had to come in two cards later.

Pirates quiet the militia in the tower led by Buccaner Dan.

Black Bart landed in the towne with the goal to ransack 3 buildings.    Unfortunatly 6 militia showed led by Lt Tucker.

Despite the pirates rolling D8s and the militia rolling D6s the Donnybrook was a draw with both leaders lightly wounded.  The militia retreated to the Salmon colored house.   They were just buying time until the regulars showed up.  
Meanwhile Buccaner Dan ransacked one house and started on another when...

Lt Radford showed up with some sailors from the HMS Anglia. 

Another Donnybrook ensued.

With HM sailors eventually getting the better of the pirates and killing Bucanner Dan.
( Don't you hate when your figures stop fighting to pose for the camera like the pirate on the left!)

With this setback the pirates retreated back to the Docks as did Black Bart.   Lt Radford was not keen to close as his numbers had dwindled significantly.   Lt Tucker and his survivors were still in their house. 

At this point drums could be heard...

This sealed the deal for Black Bart and his motley crew entered their boats and rowed back to their ships before the soldiers could line up to fire.
Stuart's Towne had been saved!!!!!

Great game that played pretty fast.   I actually liked my modifications to Sharpe Practice.  Curious to see how close they are to the Donnybrook rules.  

For those of you that want to try this

Black Bart, Buccaneer Dan (Gr I)  and two other Gr I leaders plus 20 pirates.   They have 10 muskets and are raw for firering and elite for melee. 
Militia led by Lt Tucker ( Gr I  hesitant commander card) 8 soldiers  (raw)
HM sailors led by Lt Radford ( Gr I )  10 saliors  3 muskets  raw for firering and elite for melee
Queen's Own  led by Lt Sampson  ( Gr II )   12 muskets  drilled

Militia come in on the first reinforcement card;  sailors on the third, Queens own on the 6.




  1. A very nice report. Are they 15mm figures?

  2. Yes though some are actually closer to 18mm. They are a mixture of Peter pig, Captain Minis and Bluemoon. I base the PPs on a penny and they look ok for a skirmish game I think.