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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The villiage of Ty Phoon

Have managed to play a couple of games while I enjoy my last weeks of retirement.  Opened my rice paddies from Battlefront that I got during their 40% off sale a while ago.   They weren't "fully painted" as describe as I had to flock them but they look pretty good.  With my Rice paddies ready it was time to try out Middle of NoWhere again.  For those of you just joining the platoon SSgt Davis is not fond of Sgr Lawrence.  No one (including his squad) was found of Sgt Colton.  Fortunatly Sgt Colton was WIA last battle and the platoon has fought hard not to get him back.  In his place came Sgt Douglas and at least the morale of 3 squad rose to normal.  Lt McSwain tries to keep everyone moving in the same direction and does a pretty good job.  On the battlfield SSgt Davis is the leader as he is a pre war NCO.

Capt Jaroze talked to Lt Mcswain," Bob, there is a small hamlet called Ty Phoon (4) and intel thinks the NVA is using it as a base.  I would like to you sweep there tomorrow."

Lt McSwain    Gr I
SSgt Davis    Gr II  1st squad and Brilliant leader
Sgt Lawrence Gr I  2nd squad
Sgt Douglas Gr O  3rd squad

Aerial view of Ty Phoon

The 4 black markers are the buildings that have to be searched.  The grey markers are possible VC/NVA.

Lt McSwain decides to split the platoon up.  He will have his two best squads approach from the south east and south west.  3rd squad will enter from the north and act a a block.  He has 2 M60s; one goes to SSgt Davis and the other to Sgt Douglas in the blocking force.  He will start with Sgt Douglas who in an unknown quanity.

Hamlet view from the Southeast.

Blocking force advances across my new paddies.
Sgt Lawrence is slow to start (could not draw his card) and SSgt Davis mutters " It figures; what a screw up."  Sgt Lawrence does take some fire as he comes up the road causing 1 KIA and a WIA.  He becomes pinned down.  Also a sniper fires at the blocking force.

3 men from 2nd squad prepare to enter a shed. 
Wait for it.... a villager in hiding.  As the rest of the squad comes up they are attack from the village.

The 1st squad having a bad day!

The americans forget the villager who slips away and try to return fire but they are caught in the open and quickly become disorganized with 2 KIA.  Their M60 in the woods pins the VC enough for Davis to pull the squad back into another hooch and rally them.
Lt McSwain, hearing the firefight, comes to see what is happening but SSgt Davis has it under control.  2nd squad starts going hooch to hooch.

They flush the hidden sniper who is cut down by the pig.
They come across an old lady who of course doesn't know anything.

Then, from the northwest...

A NVA 1.5 squads appears with LMG and move towards the village.  Fortunately 3rd squad spots them and blocks their advance with the LMG.   (Lt McSwain did have to rush back their to unpin the men who were all hiding behind freshly flocked rice paddies.)

This allowed SSgt Davis to rout the VC in the village and search a third building before time ran out.  It contained an opening to a tunnel complex!  With their tunnels discovered the NVA faded back into the jungle.

Post game we had 3 KIA, 2 RTD and we get one replacement.  ( Am using a derivative of Rifles Forward for this part.)  In addition Lt McSwain meets a local missionary, Father Larry.  He is a jolly fellow who runs a parish 7 clicks from base.  Who knows where that will lead?

Really am happy with the Village Sweep scenario.  It was tense and gives you several things to consider.  Do I ignore the scattered fire and get to the caches before the VC can move them?  What if there is a boobytrap?  How hard to I press this villager for information?

For those of you that want to try this the VC ended up with 1 squad (no LMG) in the village with a Gr 0 leader plus a sniper.  On the 4th turn of the reinforcement card 1 and a half squads of NVA appeared with a Gr II and a Gr 0 leader.






  1. That was a fun report. What rules were you using?

  2. Chris,
    It was fun; it was more individual than SP but not so detailed that it got bogged down. As you can see I had small groups of 2-3 guys at times plus 1 sniper.
    I am still working them out but it is a cross between Donnybrook and SP with my own stuff thrown in about initiative. The two things I dislike about SP are shock ( I know lots of people like it but too fiddly for me) and that good leaders have no higher chance of getting to move than other leaders. Donnybrook is a great set of rules but is too bloody and doesn't have leadership. I am trying to fix up my own set using Donnybrook as a base.
    We will see but it worked well in Vietnam!
    Middle of NoWhere is done. After I start my job I will talk to Rich about publishing it as a supplement. It has 5 new scenarios, new blinds, new NPC table and replacements. Am think of making a background table a la Rifles Forward for the French, US and Auzzies. I hope no one wants to play as the VC/NVA! I could do it but would take more time and add side specific scenarios. Can't have the NVA's basecamp overrun in "Ft Apache"!
    How are you doing?