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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Williamsburg Guns of August and other events

I have been busy enough to not post for awhile.   The big news was I attended the Williamsburg Guns of August show two weeks ago.  The show continues to expand which is great news.

The main gaming area.   There were also separate rooms for a FOW tournament and RPG games.  They had a fair number of vendors but very little 15mm stuff.  I bought some D10s and 12s for Post Captain and Force on Force and a 4 gun Schooner for my 15mm marines or pirates to use.
They had some excellent tables:
Most tables were in 28mm.  They looked fantastic as you can see but must cost a boatload of money!  They had a sails of glory game that looked interesting and my friend Justin was going to run a WW II version of Force on Force in Normandy.  The table looked great and I was sorry I missed it.
I manage to play a Wings of War game set in the Pacific.  As I don't like playing with strangers ( remember it is all about the story!  Strangers ruin the story because they are trying to win!) this was a big step for me.  It was some Hellcats on CAP over some Merchantmen attack by Vals escorted by Zeros.
I really liked the game.  No one was hardcore and the rules were very simple but got their point across.  I really want to try their WW I game now.
Even though I wanted to focus on a story I couldn't help myself and became competitive enough to splash one Zero.
Ens Legan living Wings of War!

I really enjoyed it and will attend the show in Feb. While it was hot on Saturday it was very hot outside as well.   I will probably run a game this time; either Post Captain or my variant of Bag the Hun.

Otherwise I played two games.  The first was "The escape of Catfish Hunter"  Catfish had finally been captured and was going to be sent to Williamsburg in the morning for trial.  Catfish's gang had decided to break him out. Why?  Because he knew where the treasure was!
Pirates coming for Catfish.
Didn't work!
Unbeknownst to Catfish's crew, a dozen highlanders marched down yesterday to escort the varmint.
Once freed Catfish, ( in Green and Yellow) leads an attack on the Scotsmen that fails.  He sounds retreat.
Catfish makes it to the gate
Though the odds don't look good for Catfish, the Militia won't charge and the Scots are beaten back!
Catfish escapes through the corn; loosing 5 men.
Rules were Combat Patrol for activation, Donnybrooke for combat and everything but morale.   Force on Force for Morale.  Scots D10/D10.  Pirates D6 firering, D10 hand to hand and D10 for morale.  Militia, D6/D6.
Got a Timelife book at a used bookstore "Passing the Torch".  It is about Indochina right after WW II.  Inspired me to take my Aussie's and WW II Americans and turn them into french for an Ambuscale mission from Grunt's Forward.  ( Am working with Chris to format GF and get it out there!)
The column along RC 4.
HMG lies in wait

A french squad deploys into the village.  ( Apparently right after WW II there was a mix of US and GB uniforms with the bush hat in vogue. )
HMG set up behind a destroyed jeep.

After destroying a Stuart, incapacitating a NCO and killing 4 troopers at the cost of 3 VM dead, the VM go home through the swamps.     French D8/D8    VM  D6/D8




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