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Welcome to the site where the story of the battle is as important as the battle itself. Here we will focus on men thrust into extraordinary situations of life and death. They must lead other men with duty and honor to meet their countries objectives. Some will be blessed with great skill, some will carry great shortcomings. No matter what nation, no matter what war, no matter what theater, they are all called to move their Platoon or Squadron forward!

These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Grunt's Forward is almost here!

Exciting news in time for the holidays!  I just read the final draft of Grunt's Forward and should be uploading it to Wargame Vault this week.  Here is the photo used for the cover:
I hope if conveys some of the chaos and frustration of fighting an asymetrical war.

Grunt's Forward takes the Platoon Forward system into asymetrical warfare against an elusive enemy.  It can recreate asymetrical battles from the 20th and 21st century.  You can use any skirmish ruleset but you must have Platoon Forward to use Grunt's Forward.
Included are:
  • extensive background tables for your leaders
  • Rules for replacing casualties
  • Rules for what the men think of you
  • Rules for earning medals
  • New blinds tables
  • New NPC charater table
  • 6 new scenarios
  1. Ft Apache
  2. Cordon
  3. Hammer Dawn
  4. Village Sweep
  5. Ambuscale
  6. One of our planes is missing
 Over 800 copies of Platoon Forward ( sold under the Too Fat Lardies brand) have sold and I feel this is a worthy expansion.  I think I will ask $5.  Sound reasonable?    As with Platoon Forward if you are not satisfied with Grunt's Forward I will refund you the money I made.

Am really excited and think you will be too!


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