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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Hotel Impala 1978

Happy New Year everyone.  Hope everyone had fun and lots of toys under the tree.  I myself got some Frankish forces for SAGA and some Brits and Romans for their upcoming expansion.  Lastly got some vehicles from Old Glory. ( 3 BTR-60s, 3 guntrucks and 3 Land rovers that are going to have to double as VLRAs since no one makes them.) 
With Grunt's Forward released I am on to a new project.  A series of scenarios from the FFL foray into Kowleski in 1978.  Don't know if I will package these up or write an article for Wargamer's Magazine.  One thing it forced me to do was come up with a new background table for the FFL. 
Here is a playtest of the first scenario.  You are 1st platoon of C company.  You land almost on your objective which is the hotel Impala.  Get in there quick and rescue any hostages.  Don't fire unless  you are fired upon.
1st platoon
Lt Bourgain     Son of a successful business man       Idealistic / Pleasure     +1
1st SQ  Sgt Popov    Russian mercenary that made a lot of enemies so joined the FFL
                                  Condescending/ seeking wealth                                      +1
             2nd fireteam  Cpl Smyrnoi    Failed musician from Bosnia so joined FFL
                                    Conformist/  loves music and plays the violin pretty poorly.  0
2nd SQ  Sgt Lesion   Mom is famous French actress but she didn't even notice he was gone.
                                   Obnoxious/   loves good food                                           0

Lt Bourgain felt they were ready though all 100 legionaries were crammed into a plane that fit 66.  

I rolled up the board using Platoon Forward.  It was built around the hotel and gardens that are factual.
The Objective

Not the objective but this prayer garden looked cool.  
There was a chance for bad guys in the church

The two squads were slightly scattered on the jump but formed into fireteams quickly.  The Lt and 2nd squad  landed in the gardens behind the hotel.
Of course the Lt wears his Kelpi!

Sgt Popov ( with tree) lands in elephant grass across the street from the hotel

The Lt realizing lives could be at stake charges into the hotel with a fireteam.  Inside they see butchered limbs and 8 rebels.  They are repulsed with the loss of a man.  
The second fire team arrives and the Lt immediately charges again.  He doesn't want to risk a firefight  in case there are some hostages alive.  
This time he succeeds with the bad guys losing 4 in the process.

Meanwhile Sgt Popov arrives with his squad at the front of the hotel.  ( He uses a russian die instead of a french one!)  They immediately lay down accurate fire.

Meanwhile 2nd fireteam 2nd sq searches the grounds for hostages.  Instead they find multiple pairs of human hands!  This disturbing sight causes the team to lose confidence down to normal. 
2nd squad's 2nd fireteam takes up a blocking position.  (That is Sgt Lesion striking a pose for the camera! I told you he was obnoxious.)
Hearing the sound of gunfire, 4 rebels come to help.  Sgt Popov's squad kills two and send the others packing.

Then from the opposite direction more rebels show up.  This actually turns into a gunfight that leaves 5 rebels KIA but one legionnaire seriously wounded. 

Finally, 8 rebels come from across the street.  4 manage to get into the hotel.  4 rebels against 4 legionaries? No contest- 3 rebels die and one foolishly tries to surrender.  After seeing all the body parts in the hotel Lt Bourgain looks the other way. 

1st Platoon has won the day! 

Post battle Popov's wounded soldier recovers enough to start wounded next battle ( which is in 1 hour real time.)  The squad's confidence in their condescending leader grows.  The Captain gives 1st squad an additional 3 men for the next mission and puts Lt Bourgain in for the Croix de Guerre.  ( He will get it with a silver star.  2nd medal I have ever got in this system--cool!)

Great battle and one to replay as you will roll for where the fireteams  land. Think these scenarios will be really neat.  Next one is still 1st platoon only now they have to take a bridge.

Now for something completely different!

Norman's on the march!




  1. Cracking Scenario Joe - looking forward to reading the further adventures.

  2. Great report - I look forward reading more from Congo! What rules did you use to play?

  3. Thank you both! I use Force on Force for everything but reaction/initiative and infantry fire resolution. For that I use modified Combat Patrol.