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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Two Blow outs ( Saga and Estonia)

Play another game of my SAGA campaign and it was over in 3 turns.  That left me enough time to use the same board to try out my Russian paratroopers in Estonia.  Hopefully something for everyone in this post!

First, for SAGA fans I continued my Saxons in my campaign game.  ( Jack, you can skip down to the next story!)  If you didn't read my last post about Eric Redbeard and his brother Dangst go back and do so; I'll wait.  Now that everyone is caught up...   The Raven had set his sights on Roman territory.  The scenario turned out to be " hurry and burn" from Age of Wolf.  I like this scenario.  It is realistic and fun for both sides.   
Dangst could see the village. He had 2 units of Heathguards and 2 of warriors.  He sent one Heathguard unit against the Roman javelins in the town while he led the rest of his men through the stream to the buildings and field.  
Roman bacon burgers on the hoof!

Dangst emerges with his men to cross the stream

At the upper side of town, Heathguard meet javelins. Unfortunately two saxons go down like dead trees.  ( Sorry picture was blurry.  Couldn't get the figures to stop moving!) 

The Romans enter the board and they are not happy.  They like bacon burgers!

... the legionnaires in particular.   ( Maxius Velocituis has 17 power points so has purchased a war banner in front of his legion.  I don't think the WB rules in SAGA are strong enough.  For me at the beginning of your turn, 1 unit within "M" of the warbanner gets to remove a fatigue for free.  Nice thing about playing solitaire is everyone agreed this was an enlightened rule change.)

Saxon and Roman clash in the field.  The Saxons lose 4 while 1 cavalryman goes down. 

Another clash.  The whole saxon unit of 7 warriors is destroyed without loss for the Romans! 

At this point  after 3 turns the saxons had lost 11 warriors and 3 heathguards.  They had 4 heathguards and 4 warriors left.  The Romans had lost 1 heathguard and 1 warrior.  They had 7 heathguard and 15 warriors left. Dangst while proud, knew he had been beat.  He called his warriors back into the woods.   When he arrived home news of the disaster quickly spread and a revolt against his rules started with some of his troops switching sides!  ( The fate roll for this season was revolt.  Since he lost a reputation point he lost one of his 2 heathguard units; how cool was that!)  His power is down to 7 with only 3 units.  He does have 2 wealth though so he could purchase some roman deserters.  Am toying with the idea of dropping the Saxons into the history dustbin and starting an African warband to move up from Spain.  Would have to look that up.  Anyone know who that could be in 400 AD?  Age Of the Wolf has rules to allow a faction to start in the middle and catch up. 
Break Break
So now had some free time and had a board set up.  What to do?  
So I changed this on the coast of France to...
this on the coast of the Baltic.  This is just outside of Tallinn,  Estonia.   Russian separatists have been actively seeking russian intervention in order to bring Estonia back into the russian union.  Their government won't even bring the issue to a vote so afraid are they that the people's voices might be heard.  They have even invited western fascists ( including the US) in to try to cow the people into into silence.   But mother Russia has heard her children just as she has in the Ukraine.  While forces mass along the border, Russia stages a seaborne invasion to capture the Estonian capital.  Operation "Warhammer" is proceeded by a airborne landing just behind the beaches to secure routes towards Tallinn 6 km distant.    Here we pick up the action between an airborne squad and a reserve squad sent to check out reports of the landings.  

Russian Airborne Squad   10/10
Sgt Petrov  Optomist/Govt   son of a farmer     III leader  SL
Cpl Sokolov  Drifter     Coarse/ rock music      II leader   ASL
Cpl Orlov       Fickle/ Alcohol   Son of factory worker  (strong)   II leader  ASL
4 additional men including 2 AK 74s, 1 SAW and 1 RPG
Estonian contact
Iron Ivan    8/12  AK74      Functions as grade II leader but can't lead anyone else. 

Iron Ivan waiting for Sgt Petrov and liberation

So far so good thought Petrov as he made his way through the woods.  The landing had been smooth and they had sighted the house they were suppose to meet their contact at.  He sent Cpl Orlov with the SAW to the barns while he went with the rest of the squad to the house to see who this "Iron Ivan" was.

As he started talking with an odd man in a red hat they all heard engines coming up the road.

The plan was to send Ivan out to talk to the officer but Cpl Orlov wasn't aware of the plan and couldn't help himself to the juicy target the officer presented.  He opened up sending the jeep occupants hiding on the ground.  Petrov left Sokolov to watch Ivan while he took the RPG to flank the APC...
Petrov flanking the Estonians.  ( He rolled 6's for activation s for the first 4 turns.) 

The Estonians deploy for battle  ( If these figures look really good it is because I didn't paint them.  Jack did!  Thanks Jack) 

The RPG takes out the APC and Sgt Petrov begins to whittle down the Estonians. 

Cpl Orlov pinned in the barn.  ( worse thing that happened to the russians all day.) Estonian LT trying to pull the jeep back.  Infantry fighting it out with Sgt Petrov who moved into the house.

Lt comes back to rally the squad.  ( stick signifies stunned men).  It didn't help and they were wiped out to a man.

The russians sustained no casualties so another blow out but it was very fun!   Would add a second squad next time for the Estonians.   I had them with a 7 man squad 6/10 with a level I leader.  The Lt was a level II. 




  1. Joe,

    Cool stuff man, thanks for posting! I don't mind the Saga stuff; it looks good and it's a fun read, I'm just rather ignorant of the period. For me, everything prior to the Seven Years' War is just masses of men running into each other; I don't mean that pejoratively. I know there's more to it, I'm just ignorant of it.

    Glad to see the Estonia gambit kicking off! I did the same thing a few years ago, but with French intervention (and I was helping the freedom loving Estonians!). Glad to see you getting some use out of the guys I sent, and I dig your Russians. Are they Armies Army? And I love the Khurasan PMCs, excellent troops!


  2. Jack, who typed your post? They used the word "pejoratively". Impressive. I don't know much about the period either but SAGA is a fun game.
    See we both use the same figures. Yes the russians are AAs and agree with you Khurasan makes nice figs. Even with my painting skills they look decent.

  3. Joe,

    "Jack, who typed your post? They used the word "pejoratively"."
    You can kiss my @#$%ing @#$%, you @#$%ing @#$%!!! More like me then? ;)

    Regarding Saga, you must know more than I do, I've never heard of a heathguard before...

    And yes, you and I have a lot in common, but now I hope your Russians get a royal ass-whooping in the next fight! ;)

    Your painting looks fine man, and the table looks awesome! Just quit going easy on yourself in the scenarios, let's see a fight!


  4. Now you sound more like a marine! ( Of course I am not sure that is a compliment! )

    PS Heathguard is just code for "elite" the names are taking from Viking terminology.

  5. It's 'Marine,' and should only be spoken in fear/awe, even if you're just typing ;)

    So, one could say I was a modern-day Heathguard, then? ;)