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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Historicon 2017

Back from Historicon.  Popped up there Saturday and enjoyed myself.  As most of you are aware there were plenty of games going on at all times so plenty to do.  Vendors were also well represented.
I arrived at 8:45 and parking was a snap.  I had pre registered so avoided a line of about 40 chaps and again walked right up.  Unlike salute, no goody bag to speak of but you did get a wargame figure of an SS tank commander.  Unfortunately, 28mm as was much of the show but I do appreciate the effort. ( Historicon take note, at Salute several years ago a got a D6, very cool and scale neutral.)  A lot of vendors ( was told as many as last year) but unfortunately for me very few sold figures in 15mm;  Battlefront and Old Glory was selling Command Decision.  I did get a bag of T-55s but no Celts or Trebuchets.  Miniature Building Authority was selling their 15mm stuff half off so pick up several items.  ( Should have picked up the Russian village as well.)
On to the games!

Here was a game set in the Congo so I was interested.  Board looked great.  Rules are forthcoming.  Will stick with my Combat Patrol/ FOF combo

Here is the new pirate game.  Pirates and Plunder or something like that.  Boards and figures look great.  Mechanics look interesting as well.  Clearly an investment though; need the rulebook $35 and at least 2 decks of activation cards ($ ??) and their period dice did look nice.  Had it been cheaper I might have pulled the trigger but for now will stick with Donnybrooke.

Didn't figure this one out but the board looked splendid!  Some type of steampunk I think.

Flames of War was in abundance.  there was one game with a huge 6x30 ft table with Ivan crossing into Germany in 1985.  Great looking stuff and the players were totally  into it.  They had been playing for 6 hours when I left.  I suspect the real war would have lasted about as long!

Impressive Berlin 45 table for Disposable heros.  Rules look interesting but again, will stick with what I got.

This game attracted lots of people.  My other pictures of it didn't come out.  Brilliant table of pirates in the carribean.  Suspect we will see this in WI.

Didn't catch the rules for this one but the table certainly makes all those battlefront building look great!

This was Combat Patrol by my friend Col Buck Surdu.  People were so busy playing I couldn't get an unobstructed shot.  They were all having fun which is great as I think it is a great system.  I finally got to meet Buck face to face which is always nice.  He said the Pacific rules ( which I helped playtest) and cards should be out shortly.

Yep Men of company B with our very own Prince of Pork, Martin Goddard of Peter Pig.  As most of you know I love their figures and about half my stuff comes from them. ( All of my Somalis and most of my FFL).
Civilians in the village.  Have to pick me up some of these!  I had e-mailed Martin that I really needed a pack of US snipers ( that way I can paint them as US vietnam, FFL and US modern) and could he bring a pack to the show.  Not only did he do it but refused to take money for them!  A true English gentlemen he is.
I watch Men of Company B for about 20 minutes.  The mechanics are different and interesting.  Teh concepts are easy and because of this it plays smooth.  It is really focused more on the squad than on the fireteam.  Still I am tempted to pick this up and it was fun.

Finally there was Mogadishu in 28 mm on a table sponsored by MBA.  Brilliant it was.

The scenario was a "Blackhawk down" type with homegrown rules.  Some of the participants dressed the part.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves here.

So that is a quick report.  I was biased towards WW II and beyond.  There was everything there from ancients up to 2 x-wing battles.

So when I got home last night I didn't have the men of company "B" but...

A mechanized infantry squad was patrolling a village occupied by my new 50% off MBA buildings ( plus 1 JR miniatures) with my new jungle foliage in the background.





  1. The 'steampunk' game was Ben Franklin's War Goes South. AWI in an alternate timeline where the industrial revolution got started early. Georgian Sci-fi rather than Victorian Sci-fi

  2. Ray, thanks for the info! I do remember Ben's name involved somewhere. The table looked smashing.