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Monday, April 9, 2018

Review of Peter Pig NVA, QRF vehicles and Crescent Root buildings

Not much gaming in but have got some stuff painted up so thought I would share my thoughts on the products.  I always like to see what other people think if the reviews are honest.
First, to remind you- bought an alpha boat from Battlefront.  Painted up great.  Here it is in action with the French.

Right, now we will start with some QRF vehicles.  I will say off the bat I like QRF vehicles.  As a skirmish gamer I normally don't need a platoon of vehicles; normally one or two and QRF allows me to do that.  Chaz ( QRF) is great to deal with and for us in the states Scale Creep has some of their stuff in stock so if you are lucky you can save on postage.  If not, Chaz is great to deal with directly and with the weak pound it is not too bad.  My only quibble is not really fair, with QRF you normally don't get the extra bits that you get with battlefront and sometimes Old Glory like machine guns and crew.  The reason it isn't fair is QRF is cheaper than Battlefront so you are paying for those "extra" bits.
So I painted up some US weasels to be French crabs in Indochina.  

Granted the lead flag is weak ( it doesn't look that bad in person) and I still need to weather them but that is not Chaz's fault.  I obviously added a Old Glory MG to one and a Peter Pig recoiless rifle to the other.  The model is very nice and will do great service in defense of the Pan Frenchness everywhere.

Second up is an Ontos for my Marines.

This is a unique vehicle to the US marines and I thought it would be cool to have one.  QRF is the only company to make one in 15mm to my knowledge but I hear Battlefront is coming out with one.  I didn't want to wait.  This one was a little fiddly to glue all the rifles on to and for some reason the right most rifle ( when viewing from the front) still falls off at the drop of a hat.  I have glued it several ways with little success.  I finally based it so I hope not to bump the rifles.  Haven't played with this baby yet but it should work.  I had to add a battlefront MG to the top but she is ready to do damage to some bunkers! 

Next up, Peter pig NVA.    Now I am a fan boy for Peter Pig infantry.  Martin is a stand up chap which helps but his figures come in bags of 8 and are reasonably priced.  They are true 15mm so seem slender compared to most "modern" figures but I have no trouble mixing them with Battlefront, Khurasian and Flashpoint.  They mix really well with QRF infantry with tends to be thinner than many of the other companies.  There is only 1 Peter Pig range I am not thrilled with; Vietnam.  The VC look fine and I use then.  The Americans look too small to me and the helmets are not distinctive with "stuff" on them like flashpoint's figures.  I mainly use Martin's US troops for my ARVN as their size is perfect.  I do use some US for leaders and other specialty positions and they work fine; just not my go too.  ( Reader's of this blog know Peter Pig is my go to for my FFL in indochina though!)  I am not thrilled with his NVA as the helmets and shirts seem off.  Again I use them but my go too has been Flashpoint.  The problem with Flashpoint is there aren't very many poses so for a skirmish game you run the risk of everyone having the same pose!  I am please to report Martin's rework of the NVA range is super!

The pictures didn't come out well but trust me, the figures look great.  The helmets are spot on now.

This is an "old figure".  Again not a great picture but see the helmet.  It is okay but I like the new helmets much better.  I don't need many NVA anymore but for the ones I do Peter Pig is my go to now for them.

Finally Crescent Root.  This was my second "splurge" buy I allowed myself this year.   I bought a $40 building I didn't need.

Mark's buildings are fantastic with lift off roofs.  True confession, I liked his old stuff better, it seemed slightly bigger and had more texture, but this is still a top notch building.  This seems more like 10-12mm in scale.  It comes pre painted and ready to go.  His earlier stuff was a bargain.  I think he has raised his prices to a more fair price.  If you compare this with what battlefront is selling ( I have and like their stuff as well) $40 is a fair price for the extra details despite the small footprint so I really can't quibble. Expect to see this on an Iraq battlefield soon! Highly recommended. (figures PP)

Hope you all enjoyed this.  If so let me know.  If not let me know and I won't post stuff like this again.  Will try to get some of this stuff on the table and do a battle report soon.



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