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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Rescue mission-- somalia

Actually wanted to take a break from the Brown Water Navy and Vietnam last weekend.  Wanted something short and different.  Found a rescue scenario in "Day of the Rangers" scenario book.  It is the first scenario book of theirs I bought ( actually paid full price, such a newbie) and is only "okay" because the scenarios are not particularly varied.  That said, they have a hypothetical rescue mission of a downed helo pilot.   So no  Platoon Forward today( I normally can't help it- it is what I actually play!)  I played this one straight out of the book! 

Mogadishu.  target building in the center.  Nice small board

The US gets 2 sticks of rangers and 8 deltas.   They have to rescue the pilot and evac him out by turn 10.   They lose points for casualties of US personal and civilians.  

Target building up close.  Durant is inside with 6 bad guys.

Rangers fast rope down from a Blackhawk.  No Jack, that is a Blackhawk! 

US gets air support every turn which is good because the Somalis get fighters every turn.  At the beginning of turn two a gunship ( yes Jack that is a gunship) strafes fighters drawn towards the commotion. 

The gunship does a fine job clearing the street!

Delta quickly prepares to enter the target building.  FOF has very good rules for this sort of thing.

The Somali guards keep their wits and lay down fire but it does them no good.  Delta is too fast and soon Durant is back in US hands! 

Situation at the end of turn two.  I often place figures on top of buildings rather than in them because I am lazy.  Rangers bottom left and right with delta in target house.  Helos overhead. 

Unfortunatly my brilliant pictures of the next two turns didn't come out.  Sorry.

Situation at the end of turn 4.  US in the same positions but more Somalis massing along bottom of table.  Also Civilians showing up and they are NOT pro-US.

They didn't teach us what to do in ranger school about this.

An NCO attempts to disperse part of the crowd.  He fails.

The Somalis finally feel strong enough to have a go at the target house.  (The crowd in the picture two above is still blocking the LMG.)  They fail.

With that a blackhawk ( yes Jack, still a blackhawk) comes in to load Durant.

Mission accomplished!    US sustained only 2 lt wounds.  Fun, short game and I got to use my Delta figures.  




  1. You’re killing me! Only Army guys could be this unfamiliar with their own equipment! ;)

    Cool fight, good looking, my only complaint is... it was too easy! You need more enemy hotspots, and those crowds to get turned bad by enemy leaders. And where were those Flashpoint Rangers I gave ya?


  2. Jack, figures a marine couldn't identify a blackhawk! : )
    It was pretty easy. I played it out of the book though. It wasn't clear if you could move Durant off the roof or had to take him somewhere so I went with what made sense. I love your Rangers except they make my figures look bad! Actually you gave me 12 and I needed 18.