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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Release the S-boats Channel 1940

I am done with Release the Hounds.  Am starting to look for a publisher now.  Rich has stated he will publish Grunt's Forward- just need him to get around to it.
Before I get to our game report wanted to say that I went to NAS Oceana's Air Show last weekend.  Oceana is the largest fighter base on the east coast and they put on a great show.  My personal favorite was the WW II Corsair.
Corsair, Avenger and Skyraider

They also had the Geico skywriting team in Texans. 

Another look at the Texans.

Now back to our game of Release the Hounds.    As the S-Boats became more successful the British tried to form pickets outside the shipping lanes to detect them.  These were backed up by destroyer "rapid response forces".  I don't have any  "dog" boats yet but do have 2 Fairmile Bs.   I only have one British DE, a Hunt class.   With these forces the British were determined to keep the S-Boats at bay!

2 Fairmile B boats with average crews.
1 Hunt DE as reinforcement with superior crew

4 1940 type S-Boats with average crews

Visibility 2500 yrds  Sea state 4

Fairmile B on patrol

The Germans spot the British at 2100 yards and turn to avoid

It doesn't work and two Fairmiles start to hammer the lead S boat with 3 inch guns. 

The Flotilla leader is quickly wrecked and set on fire.    It withdraws as the other boats cover. 
A second boat is heavily damage and retreats.  The German 20mm guns are not hitting anything vital!

A third boat is wrecked and begins to sink. 

As if it couldn't get worse the HMS Exmoor shows up with a 4 inch gun and starts taking long shots. 

The S-boats scamper away under the cover of smoke.  One ship is lost.  This Flotilla won't be released for a while!

Fun game that played fast.   I thought 4 S boats could handle 2 Fairmiles while they out ran them; I was wrong!



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