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Thursday, February 23, 2023

Ancient figures by Old Glory

 Haven't posted in a month but I have been painting and playing SAGA.  Game posts haven't proved popular but I have had several discussions over at TMP about 15mm ancient figures.  Thought I would show everyone the Old Glory figures I have painted up.  

I paint quickly for wargamer grade.  I don't prime.  I paint everything once, touch up then wash once with Paynes grey then base.  For SAGA I stopped doing fancy bases and went with green train cloth as it seemed to work just as well.  I don't paint continuously but I can paint up 5 ancient figures in under an hour total and I think it looks pretty good.  

Overall I have been happy with the Old Glory figures.  They are not quite as nice as the Khurasian but are cheaper.  They are on par with Essex and Peter Pig which I like. Peter Pig is true 15mm so are a tad small than the rest.  When basing individually it doesn't present a problem.   On to the pictures!

  First up are chariots.  These are nice models that painted up well.  I did need to figure out how to glue the chariot to the horses however.  In the background are some essex figures.  

Lots of new figures here.  Moving from left to right.  OG chariot, some slingers of mixed manufacturers, OG greek light troops, these painted up well and have multiple figures in the 24 figure bag.  Next come the greek clasical hoplites.  Again I was pleased with multiple different figures as well as wire to use for the pole arm which I could make a spear or a sarrissa.  Lastly you can see an elephant, more about him ( or her) later.

Chariots charging a phalanx.  Chariots actually did pretty well.  Also in this picture is a greek commander with a trumpet player from the greek command pack.  The command pack is a little disappointing in that you get only about half commanders ( only 2 mounted) and a lot of hangers on.  I can always use extra fighters but I am never going to put together a greek band!  As a commander he gets a fancy base though.  In the foreground is an essex numidia calvary person.  Nice figure.  

Another view of the figures.


A nice scenario I picked up from Warning Order issue # 46.   It is an interesting free online magazine which is always worth a look.  Found here: https://www.wfhgs.com/wrngorder.html

Essex numdian cavalry face off against OG skirmishers while unpainted (horrors) OG creten archers provide support.  They will start to become painted during the battle.  Mixed slingers guard the tower. 

A good shot of the variety of the troops in the HG05 Peltasts pack.  

A shot of the greek medium cavalry.  These are probably the only figures I was disappointed in.  The molds are probably old as the figures aren't that crisp and there is almost no differentiation. 

That said they were still able to hold there own against the carthaginian cavalry from essex.

  My archers now have skin and hair and togas!

Glamor shot of the greeks taking the tower.  Their warlord Talus is a publicity hound!

Heavy metal of the ancient world; OG chariots vrs OG elephants. (CA04)  The elephants were very easy to put together and painted up well.  I probably could have gone without adding a base but the figure is top heavy. This one actually took a good hour.   I can always go back a spruce up the base.

  Another glamor shot of Peltasts guarding the tower.  I suspect this is a staged shot.  I found it from an old cover of Skirmisher Today.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of some of my Old Glory ancient figures.  I have been very please overall.  Be careful with the greek medium cavalry and don't buy to many command packs otherwise I think they are good value for the money and fit in well with Khurasian and Essex and I have no problem with Peter Pig but I do base my figures individually.