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Welcome to the site where the story of the battle is as important as the battle itself. Here we will focus on men thrust into extraordinary situations of life and death. They must lead other men with duty and honor to meet their countries objectives. Some will be blessed with great skill, some will carry great shortcomings. No matter what nation, no matter what war, no matter what theater, they are all called to move their Platoon or Squadron forward!

These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Villiage Sweep of Dung Heip part II

Lt McSwain leading the rejuvinated 2nd squad
against the enemy

Lt McSwain defeated teh VC in front of the hill and planted the hog there to cover the villiage for the rest of the battle.  He then left Sgt Lawrence in charge and beat feet back to the LZ.
Meanwhile, Capt Jaroze had stemmed the panic in 3rd squad and had them defending just in front of the LZ.
Meeting of the minds
At the LZ teh two officers discussed the situation.  Jaroze called the other two platoons in to surround the village but it was still up to McSwain to enter it.  It was decided to send SSgt Davis around the hill to the left to enter the village from that direction and to take out the bunker.

  SSgt Davis moving around the left.
The VC in the jungle has just "unmasked"
and is about to fire.  It was their mistake
as 1st squad handled them easily

Meanwhile, Charlie had seen the americans strip the LZ and move behind the hill.   That left only 2 MGs and a depleted squad at the LZ...

VC squad moving up through my brand new rice paddy

As SSgt Davis entering an empty bunker the MMG opened up on the LZ and mortars burst on the LZ as well.  Sgt Lawrence layed down supressive fire on the mortar as two squads of VC charged the LZ!

Leadership matters-- Capt Jaroze makes a difference

3rd squad was shaken as Sgt Coulten took a round in the stomach.  Capt Jaroze was everywhere.  He rallied 3rd squad and directed fire for the hogs.  The VC managed to get within 20 yards of the american lines but fell back with heavy casulaties. 
With that the survivors slipped away into the surrounding paddies.

1st squad looking for remaining enemy

Great game and the platoon did find rice and some small arms.  2nd squad's morale has improved to +1 (6).  Their half squad is back from BS duty at battalion.  Capt Jaroze has added the 3rd MG for the next mission as well.  In addition he was unimpressed with Sgt Coulton so when Sgt Coulton is ready for duty (the wound it not bad enough to go home) he will not be coming back to the platoon!.  Sgt Douglas is the new squad leader for 3rd squad.  Although he is Gr I no one knows that so their morale returns to normal.

Though the battle was fun it was not what I was looking for in my village sweep scenario for Middle of NoWhere.  This was more of a set piece battle; not asymetrical.  I have adjusted the scenario's enemy forces so they have fewer on board at the start and will have a higher chance of snipers next time.  I want to capture the flavor of searching a village, not fighting to get into one.  Still, for those of you that want to play this battle the VC had the following all on board at start:
3 squads   (1 AK 47   2 mixed)   2 Gr II leaders   1 Gr I leader   2 Nl morale squads  1 -1 morale
1 LT   Gr II
1 MMG  in bunker
1 60mm MTR
1 booby trap, 1 rice cache, 1 arms cache



Villiage Sweep of Dung Heip

Played a Middle of NoWhere scenario last weekend.   Used my 1st Cav platoon and got to use my FOW US and NVA dice I got for Christmas!!  (Told you before I am a dice junkie)  This is my ninth battle with these guys.  They are a solid platoon with SSgt Davis their true leader and the LT a good guy.  #rd squad is weak as is Sgt Colton but no one can really figure that out yet.   Their original platoon leader was kicked upstairs to become the company commander.  Blogger still killing me with pictures so this is part I

Capt Jaroz brought the LT and SSgt Davis in.  We have hot intel that their is an arms cache in a small village not far from here.   I want your platoon to crank up and search the village before this leaks out.   Can you leave in an hour?Middle of NoWhere scenario last weekend. Used my 1st Cav platoon and got to use my FOW US and NVA dice I got for Christmas!! (Told you before I am a dice junkie) This is my ninth battle with these guys. They are a solid platoon with SSgt Davis as the backbone and the LT a good guy. 3rd squad is weak as is Sgt Colton but no one can really figure that out yet. Their original platoon leader was kicked upstairs to become the company commander. Blogger still killing me with pictures so this is part I

Capt Jaroz brought the LT and SSgt Davis in. We have hot intel that their is an arms cache in a small village not far from here. I want your platoon to crank up and search the village before this leaks out. Can you leave in an hour?


Lt McSwain Optomistic/movies Gr II

SSgt Davis Meek/ Wealth Gr III Brilliant Leader 1st SQ morale +1
Sgt Lawrence Gambler/ greed Gr II 2nd Sq 1/2 squad absent
Sgt Colton Cunning/Family Gr I 3rd sq -1 morale
Capt Jaroze Cheery/ movies Gr IV Brilliant Leader Company CO
1/2 of second squad absent because it was pulled by battalion (LtCol Patterson dislikes the platoon) Capt Jaroz countered this by adding a 3rd MG for this mission so every squad will have one. He has also decided he would like to ride along on this one.
1 Huey gunship for support. Nor artillery or Air Strikes authorised
The plan was to land at a LZ near the village. Had to search 3 buildings and the rice paddy.

LZ is top left of photo
Lt McSwain decided to have 3rd squad approach the village through the rice paddy. 2nd squad, since it was reduced, would take a hog and occupy the hill to the left of the LZ and provide covering fire. 1st squad would be held in reserve.

Sgt Lawrence runs into a VC squad in front of the hill
and becomes pinned down

2nd squad ran into VC and was pinned down immediatly. 3rd squad also ran into rifle fire from the rice paddies and promptly became pinned. Lt McSwain went to rally 2nd squad and Capt Jaroz saw that Sgt Coulton was incapable of rallying 3rd squad. When a MMG opened up on 3rd squad from a bunker off to the left the squad broke and ran for the LZ leaving 3 men down.

Now on to part 2


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Punative Raid part III

The last installment!  Please start by reading installment I posted 2 days ago.

We left off with Voss on the left having beat off the Welsh calvary.  The Hirdmen in the center gave way under the direction of a gold helmeted warrior named Carnif.  Krog is in the back with several Bondi who are reorganizing after putting to the spear some Javilin throwers.

The 2 surviving hirdmen look across the field
at Carnif

Voss starts to plunder the barrles.  The hirdmen failed their morale so Krog sends them to the rear.  With the Teulu fatigued he gathers his bondi and charges the Gold helmeted warrior!

While Krog matches Carnif blow for blow his
Bondi are no match for the Teulu.
They fall and Krog retreats alone
Carnif, smelling victory, follows!
Krog- outnumber 6 -1 falls after dispatching 3 but it takes
2 rounds of combat.
During the second round the Hirdman move up but are far away.
Voss, seeing Krog in trouble, drop the barrels but the variable movement
goes against Krog and the Bondi are late! (tense die roll that was!)

Voss shows up moments after Krog falls.  His enraged troops
Dispatch the Teulu but loose all but Voss in the process.
Voss triumphs over Carnif!  
He rushes over to Krog and finds him still breathing
(Hey, it is my story!)
Relieved he does a very Ahistorical thing
He leaves the still breathing Carnif in the field
Lifts his sword towards the village and 
lets out a blood curdeling viking yell.
Then the Hirmen carry Krog back to the beach

  Great game and the system seems to be working well.  Have yet to test battle boards for the Normans or the Saxons.   If this works hhope to pen an article for WI.
For those interested in trying the scenario here are the Welsh forces:
Carnif    Gr II leader   AC 4  start on board
10 Teulu   AC 4     enter     turn 4
10 Priodaur  AC 4    start on board
8   Priodaur calvary  AC 4  enter turn 4
12  Javalins  Bonnedigs  AC 3  start on board

3 SAGA dice until turn 4 then 5 SAGA dice.

Enjoy  This weekend it is back to the jungles of Vietnam and the Middle of NoWhere!


Punative Raid part II

This time I could only get blogger to load 3 pictures I think.  Also I forgot to mention that if you want to read about Krog's son go to Oct 2011 and read about Olveg.

Last time we talked the Hird men had just clashed with the Welsh Priodaur infantry.   They easily beat all 10 off  losing only 2 Vikings.  Before they could make anymore headway towards the great hall...

Fierce Welsh lead by a tremendous fighter in a gold helmet

These men were Teulu lead by the Welsh chief.  The hirdmen, without Krog went down, losing 6 men though the Welsh lost many.

Meanwhile towards the barrels...

Calvary stike at Voss' Bandi
Voss manages to beat off the attack loses only 1 man!!

The cavary attack near center
The hirdmen just lost at the house
Krog back with the bandi far right

Now part III



Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Punitive raid on a Welsh villiage Part I

Have been experimenting with SAGA.  It is a fast and bloody game system.  I reviewed the system earlier and my opinion still stands.  It is an excellent game that has simple mechanics.  It has some period flavor of the dark ages.  I will also re state it is much harder to make a good game with simple mechanics than it is with complicated mechanics. 
I am attempting to inject more period flavor as I do more reading of the dark ages.  I have tones down teh battle boards, added variable movement (love this and great for solitaire gamers) and a simple leadership system and morale.  It seems to be working.    Here is a battle report.  It is broken into several parts because Blogger's new system of uploading photos doesn't work as well as the old and I can't seem to load more than 5 photos at a time!
Note my figure scale is 2 men per figure.

Krog intended to punish those Welsh.  His youngest son had wandered off near their lands looking for Bacon and they had ambushed him and killed him.  NOW THEY WOULD PAY!
His forces include
KROG       Grade II warlord
10 Hirdmen  AC 5
16 Bondi  AC 4     Voss   Gr I LT

5 SAGA dice

Mission      Burn main building    and steal 2 barrels ( I don't have any livestock painted) and bring back to the beach

Beach far center of board
Main Hall is near left
Krog, what is your plan?!?!?!

Krog decided he would lead with 2 groups of 8 Bondi each followed by his Hirdmen.  His trusted LT woudl anchor his left with the Bondi.  Voss would screen his left and go for the barrels.  The right bondi would make for the village with the hirdmen following.

Bondi ambushed with javilins right off the beach!

The vikings roared but the snow was deep and they were slow to move up the steep hill.  (variable movement killed them here as they moved agonizingly slow.)  Krog finally had to get them moving personally to chase the welsh offthe slope.   He then detached 6 to go after them!
Voss chased some more skirmishers away off to the left.  With a gap now present Krog was aware that time favored the welsh who could call on more villagers to oppose the landing.   With his bondi in disarray, he sent his hirdmen into the town to burn the great hall.
Hirdmen enter the town
Skirmishers from the hill pay the ultimate price!!
As the hirdmen move towards the great hall priodaur infantry leap to the attack!
Stay tuned for part 2!!!!!!



Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!   Hope you had a great holiday season. 
Have been sick most of the holiday so few games to report.   My parents came over and my son was back from university so it was still a great time.  Gaming gifts I recieved some vietnam terrain and some norman figures for my dark age gaming. 
Thought I would take a look forward at all the projects I am working on.   A few of these should see print this year!
Squadron Forward     No introduction needed for this.   Rich started on the draft last week.  I need to finish up the mission tables and medals.  Should be out by end of Feb.  Really excited about this.

Middle of NoWhere   The asymetrical warfare expansion to Platoon Forward.   Should add about 6 scenarios and tweak the tables to cover anti partisan operations in WW II and Vietnam.  3 of the scenarios are done and playtested.  Need to work on the other 3 and playtest the table tweaks some more.  Hopefully out end of year if I can get Rich to publish it (Haven;t shown it to him yet)

Bling the Hun   My variant for Bag the Hun.   Includes how I attempt to differenciate all the different models of aircraft and tone down the "one plane gets to move 3 times a turn" bit.  Includes an updated damage table and takes into account cockpit armor/ self sealing fuel tanks, rates of climb and dives, turns and how hard it is to land!   Basically "Lazy TW&T" for BTH 2".  80% done.    Will shoot for the summer special; if  not the christmas special

Release the Hounds  My coastal action naval rules.  TW&T meets MBTs.  85% done but it needs something to be finished; not sure what it is yet.  They are a decent set but they don't always give you the "wow" factor so I would not release them yet to the public.  It is the damage model.   I am finding it hard for it to work easily for both MBTs and CLs without any record keeping.  The rest of it works great including the personalities.    Don't know if this will be a full set of rules or a special.   Depends how long they are.

Flotilla Forward  Platoon Forward for Naval actions.    Still on the drawing board

SAGA variant  Have added variable movement, minor morale,leaders and tone down the battle boards.    Playtesting now.  50% done.    Hope to have an article in WI before the end of the year.

Warband Forward  Platoon Forward for Dark Ages   Still on the drawing board.    Need a clean set of Dark Age rules where people live first!    Rich if working on a set so we will see...

Bombers Forward  Expansion to Squadron Forward.   Adds Bomber squadrons and missions to Squadron Forward.   Still on the drawing board.

That is all the stuff in my mind at the moment.  Finished a SAGA game today which I will post this week. 
Any comments on the above are welcome.  I really appreciate your support!
Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!