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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Villiage Sweep of Dung Heip part II

Lt McSwain leading the rejuvinated 2nd squad
against the enemy

Lt McSwain defeated teh VC in front of the hill and planted the hog there to cover the villiage for the rest of the battle.  He then left Sgt Lawrence in charge and beat feet back to the LZ.
Meanwhile, Capt Jaroze had stemmed the panic in 3rd squad and had them defending just in front of the LZ.
Meeting of the minds
At the LZ teh two officers discussed the situation.  Jaroze called the other two platoons in to surround the village but it was still up to McSwain to enter it.  It was decided to send SSgt Davis around the hill to the left to enter the village from that direction and to take out the bunker.

  SSgt Davis moving around the left.
The VC in the jungle has just "unmasked"
and is about to fire.  It was their mistake
as 1st squad handled them easily

Meanwhile, Charlie had seen the americans strip the LZ and move behind the hill.   That left only 2 MGs and a depleted squad at the LZ...

VC squad moving up through my brand new rice paddy

As SSgt Davis entering an empty bunker the MMG opened up on the LZ and mortars burst on the LZ as well.  Sgt Lawrence layed down supressive fire on the mortar as two squads of VC charged the LZ!

Leadership matters-- Capt Jaroze makes a difference

3rd squad was shaken as Sgt Coulten took a round in the stomach.  Capt Jaroze was everywhere.  He rallied 3rd squad and directed fire for the hogs.  The VC managed to get within 20 yards of the american lines but fell back with heavy casulaties. 
With that the survivors slipped away into the surrounding paddies.

1st squad looking for remaining enemy

Great game and the platoon did find rice and some small arms.  2nd squad's morale has improved to +1 (6).  Their half squad is back from BS duty at battalion.  Capt Jaroze has added the 3rd MG for the next mission as well.  In addition he was unimpressed with Sgt Coulton so when Sgt Coulton is ready for duty (the wound it not bad enough to go home) he will not be coming back to the platoon!.  Sgt Douglas is the new squad leader for 3rd squad.  Although he is Gr I no one knows that so their morale returns to normal.

Though the battle was fun it was not what I was looking for in my village sweep scenario for Middle of NoWhere.  This was more of a set piece battle; not asymetrical.  I have adjusted the scenario's enemy forces so they have fewer on board at the start and will have a higher chance of snipers next time.  I want to capture the flavor of searching a village, not fighting to get into one.  Still, for those of you that want to play this battle the VC had the following all on board at start:
3 squads   (1 AK 47   2 mixed)   2 Gr II leaders   1 Gr I leader   2 Nl morale squads  1 -1 morale
1 LT   Gr II
1 MMG  in bunker
1 60mm MTR
1 booby trap, 1 rice cache, 1 arms cache



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