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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Punitive raid on a Welsh villiage Part I

Have been experimenting with SAGA.  It is a fast and bloody game system.  I reviewed the system earlier and my opinion still stands.  It is an excellent game that has simple mechanics.  It has some period flavor of the dark ages.  I will also re state it is much harder to make a good game with simple mechanics than it is with complicated mechanics. 
I am attempting to inject more period flavor as I do more reading of the dark ages.  I have tones down teh battle boards, added variable movement (love this and great for solitaire gamers) and a simple leadership system and morale.  It seems to be working.    Here is a battle report.  It is broken into several parts because Blogger's new system of uploading photos doesn't work as well as the old and I can't seem to load more than 5 photos at a time!
Note my figure scale is 2 men per figure.

Krog intended to punish those Welsh.  His youngest son had wandered off near their lands looking for Bacon and they had ambushed him and killed him.  NOW THEY WOULD PAY!
His forces include
KROG       Grade II warlord
10 Hirdmen  AC 5
16 Bondi  AC 4     Voss   Gr I LT

5 SAGA dice

Mission      Burn main building    and steal 2 barrels ( I don't have any livestock painted) and bring back to the beach

Beach far center of board
Main Hall is near left
Krog, what is your plan?!?!?!

Krog decided he would lead with 2 groups of 8 Bondi each followed by his Hirdmen.  His trusted LT woudl anchor his left with the Bondi.  Voss would screen his left and go for the barrels.  The right bondi would make for the village with the hirdmen following.

Bondi ambushed with javilins right off the beach!

The vikings roared but the snow was deep and they were slow to move up the steep hill.  (variable movement killed them here as they moved agonizingly slow.)  Krog finally had to get them moving personally to chase the welsh offthe slope.   He then detached 6 to go after them!
Voss chased some more skirmishers away off to the left.  With a gap now present Krog was aware that time favored the welsh who could call on more villagers to oppose the landing.   With his bondi in disarray, he sent his hirdmen into the town to burn the great hall.
Hirdmen enter the town
Skirmishers from the hill pay the ultimate price!!
As the hirdmen move towards the great hall priodaur infantry leap to the attack!
Stay tuned for part 2!!!!!!



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