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Welcome to the site where the story of the battle is as important as the battle itself. Here we will focus on men thrust into extraordinary situations of life and death. They must lead other men with duty and honor to meet their countries objectives. Some will be blessed with great skill, some will carry great shortcomings. No matter what nation, no matter what war, no matter what theater, they are all called to move their Platoon or Squadron forward!

These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Rear guard action with Sgt Jackson and the Pathfinders 1986

Am painting up a Flower class corvette for Cruel Seas so got another small skirmish in last week.  This time decided to use my Pathfinders from southern Germany.  This is only their second mission.  Their first mission is chronicled on my May 15th post.   Read it, I'll wait.      Good your back.  So rolled up a defensive mission and got "Rear Guard".  Cool, very Fulda Gap stuff.
Lt Fitzworth                                                                                  Avg
Sgt Hanks    1st squad                                                                  Avg
Sgt Jackson 2nd squad        pragmatic/wealth                          Good
1st FT  (dragon) Cpl Hanks  Generous/wealth  +1                  Good
2nd FT (LMG)  Cpl Reyes   Haughty/ Hedonism                   poor

They had been pulled off the line the second day to restock and rest.  It snowed that night.  The next day the Russian sledghammer they had been warned about hit and the front was breaking open.  The LT said they were to advance to a position 5 klicks west of Mittlekoph and hold the road open for retreating troops.  Jackson didn't like the sound of that.

US sets up middle and to the left.  Russians expected from the right.  Lt puts Jackson into the farm, center.  1st squad dragon on hill bottom left and LMG with platoon HQ in building bottom .  

Defenses set up.    Also 1 M901 behind hill.

Sgt Jackson puts Cpl Hanks with dragon behind fence and Cpl Reyes up in loft of barn.  Both looking down the road.  He hopes Hank's missiles do a better job today. 

Engines heard coming down the road!

Beat up US vehicles coming down the road.  In this variant if 2 of these vehicles are KOed the US loses. 

Russians split their forces with several taking the high ground and 4 blinds circling to take a side road in 4 turns. 

Interesting.  A scout car and squad chasing the US while a tank looks for a firing position.  Didn't see that coming. 

Sgt Jackson's swears.  After they see the line of US vehciles he sees a russian scout car machine gunning a humvee.  The Bradley turns it's turret but clearly it just wants to keep moving.  The range is too short for the dragon so Hanks is going to have to use Laws.  Each FT has 3.  Meanwhile off to his right he hears a dragon fire and sees a russki tank fire into Sgt Hank's position. 

The Humvees continue their trek as the 901 fires at the T-72.

A hit disables the tank before it can fire.  With their gun damaged the tankers retreat. 

Hanks takes care of the scout car but now those 4 blinds coming in by the side road turn into the rest of the soviet platoon plus another scout car!  Sgt Jackson, seeing the new threat from the barn loft, moves Cpl Reyes down to the wall facing the LT.

Meanwhile Cpl Hanks takes out the original BMP with his second Law.

2nd squad now in position to face it's new threat.  They can't get down the road! 

1st squad's  dragon finally scores a hit!  The survivors, caught in a crossfire between Reyes and Lt Fitzworth retreat quickly in poor order.

The last BMP makes a run for it and a Law from Cpl Reyes' FT stops it cold.  The survivors are chewed up until 2 actually surrender to Sgt Hanks.  Towards the top of the picture you can see the original russian squad is making a run for the barn.  Cpl Hank's fire doesn't stop these brave soldiers.

Sgt Jackson takes the FT and races for the fence.  He beats the Russian squad there and hand to hand breaks out.  Jackson dispatches 2 personally [ hero random event] and the Russians flee. 

Sgt Jackson and Cpl Reyes after the battle. 

Great game that was a definite win for the pathfinders.   Post battle 1st squad's Sgt Hanks leadership improves to "good".  Lt Fitzworth puts Sgt Jackson in for a Bronze Star for his defense of the farm but Capt Lee doesn't feel there is enough there to forward.  Finally there is a shortage of Laws so the squad only gets 2 for the next mission.  Then Sgt Jackson meets SSgt Alcantera of the battalion supply and manages to scrounge 2 more.





Friday, December 6, 2019

A meeting at the gas tanks with Sgt Jack

First things first; Cold war tanker has been released and is up at Wargame vault.  You can find it here:

Questions, comments ask here, TFL forum or the Miniatures page.

Now I was playing around with Cold War Tanker to take a break from all the naval games I have been playing,  I was trying to move it into the gulf war period.  I set up a simple meeting engagement with some gas tanks in the middle of the board.  I was not having much luck as the US forces rolled horribly every time.  In 4 games the Abrams tank never hit an Iraqi tank though most of the time he needed to roll a 5 or higher on 2 dice!   I decided to give up and play it out using FoF.  So unlike most of the times I post, this time I did not roll up the table, I did not roll up the opfor, I did not roll up the scenario using Platoon Forward.  All I did was drop my marine squad into this meeting engagement. 

Sgt Jack mulled the mission over in his mind.  Though the war was not about oil it seemed that way sometimes.  His squad was detached with an Abrams to go almost 90 degrees from the axis of advance to go and secure some gas tanks sitting along route 736 before they could be destroyed.  Resistance was suppose to be minimal.  Any problems call back for some air support the LT told him.  Well Jack thought, at least they had a tank up in front...

The gas tanks.     Republican guard 8/8 will enter from left, US 8/12 will enter from right.


Sgt "Just" Jack  mechanic before he enlisted     jovial/ position       good leader, squad morale 12 when he leads.
1st FT  Cpl "Koke" Kokistronovich  junior cart champion   addicted to thrills   poor leader  FT morale 10 when he leads
2nd FT  Cpl "Fast" Jones   orphaned, lived on ranch    inept   very religious     poor leader  morale 12 as FT hasn't figured out he is inept
3rd FT  Cpl Betts    city boy enlisted straight out of HS   fickle/hedonistic       avg leader    just promoted from within team and promoted to Cpl after last mission.

Squad is 2 men down from last mission.  

Where everybody meets. 

Close up.   Everyone is unbuttoned.  Iraqi tanks actually get the initiative and swing around and fire at the amtrac.  This panics the driver who guns the track away from the tanks.  [ This board is clearly anti US when it comes to die rolls!]

The Abrams destroys the BMP and swings around to face the T-72s.  ( You can see the amtrac fleeing in the background)

Meanwhile Sgt Jack has clamored up to the front and forced the driver to stop.  He dismounts the squad promising to deal with the young driver later.   He is 60 yards from the building he was hoping to occupy.  A quick sprint and they should be alright...

Nuts!    This is going to be harder than I had hoped.  He has Bett's FT and the trac lay down fire and he leads the rest of the squad forward towards the truck...

That actually worked!    No casualties.    Now you see why his squad will follow him anywhere.


The Iraqi tanks pull back from the US tank.  The Abrams creeps forward.  ( Yes Jack those are T-72s NOT T-55s.  Go with it!) 

Bang!      Now I know this board is rigged against US vehicles.   This is only the second time EVER I have had an abrams destroyed in combat in FoF.  The other time was by an aircraft. 

Back at the truck...

After trading shots with the Iraqis in the building Jack decides a charge is in order...

I really like the close combat mechanism in FoF plus the pinning mechanism of Combat Patrol.  As the marines charge the Iraqis do final fire.  Multiple marines ( including Jack) are pinned during the charge leaving only Koke and 2 others at the door.  They pass their morale check but Koke is not keen on entering the building with only 3 of them.  They scramble back behind the truck. 

3rd FT flanks the building and everyone starts trading shots.

All looks reasonable until...

The Iraqi tanks realize there are no other threats and start to shell Jack. 

Sgt Jack runs back to the trac to get some air power.  (That is right Jack, the US Air Force!!!!!)

US small arms fire is having an effect though.  Cpl Betts see Iraqi troops fleeing the back of the building.  ( Their officer and NCO were killed.)  The fireteam leaders hold a quick war council with Koke pushing to charge the building again as they can't stay in their current position.  As the decision is made Sgt Jack returns.  He agrees with the decision and the marines storm an empty building.  During the shelling they sustained 1 WIA.

In the building Jack looks out the window and sees...

This is followed by a huge explosion.    The other Iraqi tank flees but doesn't get far.   Sgt Jack's squad has accomplished their mission!

Great game that played in just over an hour.   Post mission clearly Jack's mentoring of Koke is paying off.  Unfortunately I miss leadership rolls for upgrading him to average and for the FT regaining trust in him. Betts is clearly solid and Jones' weakness has not stopped the squad.    2 replacments are found so the squad is back up to full strength.




Thursday, November 28, 2019

Sea Sweep playtest with Lt Benson

Happy Thanksgiving.  Please take a moment to remember all the servicemen and women around the world away from their families today.  Thank you.
Took a break from painting black Seas ships to play  some Crueler Seas last weekend.  Decided to play "Sea Sweep" from my upcoming Flotilla Forward.  Sea Sweep in an encounter scenario that can be used to simulate sea encounters when you aren't hunting convoys; anything from cruisers in the Philippines to picket patrol in the North Sea.

Location   The Channel
Date           Sept 1943
Visibility     1500 yards
Waves          4 feet

Mission:   Keep station at point B until 04:30 hrs.  Be alert for marauding enemy naval craft ( probable E boats) and engage said craft.  Back up destroyers will be available. Good Luck and Good Hunting!

Lt "Dice" Benson     careful/wealth         Avg
SLT Marks               corrupt/ govt           Avg

Note early dogboats used here had 2 pdr up front and 20mm gun in back with only 2 torpedo tubes.

Dice's boat sitting looking into the night!

Dice sits with his crew staring into the night.  Finally a lookout spots 2 dark shapes moving off the port bow.   66% chance these will be S-boats.

Dice starts engines and they move to investigate.    " Blimey it is a minesweeper!"   The heavy seas makes it hard to go fast as Dice orders both boats to attack with torpedoes. 

Dogboats move forward towards attack position. 

4 inch shells getting closer to Benson's boat.  

Benson's boat takes a 4 inch shell midship and a near miss severely damaging the boat. ( 21 hp left) In the best tradition of the Navy he calmly finishes his turn to port and lines up his shot as the minesweeper throws everything at his crew.  

Fish released 400 yards out!

A satisfying explosion rocks the night as Dice is lucky once again!  He flashes across the bow of the German and open the throttle.  SLt Marks comes in and tries his luck.  Unfortunately he misses.

Both Dogboats move towards the rally point with angry tracers chasing them.    Suddenly...

A huge explosion occurs on the aft part of Mark's boat.  A tracer must have ignited ammo and blew the gun right off the ship!  [ critical hit]  2 tars dead. 

Still both boats make it to the rally point.  A successful night as Lt Benson reports the minesweeper sunk.

Fun game.   Post battle Dice's boat has a chance to make veteran status but misses.  Both boats are repaired in time for the next mission.




Sunday, October 27, 2019

Black Seas: A review

I really enjoyed Warlord's Cruel Seas as many of you know.  I found it a good base set of rules to modify into the right level of detail I wanted. [ Hence Crueler Seas]  Also the models are superb.   Hence when the same designer was going to release Black Seas I was all in.  The only difference here was I actually have a pretty good set of AOS rules in Post Captain.  I will split this review into two parts; the models and the rules.
I purchased the Flotilla bundle. As some of you know, my interest lies in the Caribbean, and I got multiple small ships plus flags.  I will need some schooners and I hope these will be released soon.

The models as I expected are lovely!

 A British Brig partially rigged under sail off Yorktown

They are big and go together easily.  If you don't worry about sails and rigging you can have a ship built that looks nice.  The rules have a painting guide that I didn't find particularly helpful but there are plenty of pictures in the book that can guide you.
If you want to rig a ship with sails this will be a challenge.  The rules have a guide as to how to rig a ship which is helpful.  There will still be trial and error.  Please note; I am a surgeon and I still found tying knots too fiddly.  Either do an instrument tie or place a drop of glue over the first loop once you have your tension set.  Don't bother squaring off the knot. 
Sails.  I found no directions anywhere for sails.  If you look at the pictures you can figure it out.  Don't use super glue.  It will take you a while to get the sails into place.  Use regular stick glue and pick ups [ tweezers for you non surgeons] to get the sails in place. [ you will have to work around your rigging.]  Once in place several strategic drops of super glue will hold them.

As much as the above sounds frustrating it went much easier with the second ship.  And the results are very good!

A revolutionary war Brig at speed!

A further tip; I chose to not fully rig the ship but go with partial rigging.  I went with effect.  This was quicker and made placing the sails easier.  Second, you can see the ratlines above.  In person they look shiny and I don't think I will add them to the rest of my fleets.

Overall I am very happy with the ships.  They look great and now that I know how to build them it shouldn't be too frustrating.  I just wish the above paragraph had been in the rulebook somewhere.

Black Seas the game  [ I have played 4 games solo so far.]

Rules are very much a personal thing.  I loved the simple approach of Cruel Seas and found it was easy to modify it through Crueler Seas to add the detail I wanted.  [ and more such as USSR 12.7 MG get a +1 for damage}

Black Seas is very basic. With just basic rules it is hard to tell it is an AOS game.  The advanced and optional rules bring it up to a simple game in line with Cruel Seas.

So my comments are really about the "advanced" game with all the potential rules.  Everything that you would expect in an AOS game is in there somewhere, it is just presented simply except command and control.  This was no surprise to me as C + C is absent in CS as well.  So let's run through the big items of AOS and see how BS handles them.
BS handles this elegantly in that the ship with the weather gauge goes first.  In a nod to C+C if a ship is in a line the whole line gets to move. 
This was the most intriguing part of Black Seas for me.  Unlike other AOS games BS doesn't separate out hull, sail and crew damage.  It is all rolled up into one damage factor. I was curious if it would work.  I would say it depends.  If you want a simple quick game the answer is "yes".  If you want Heart of Oak, then "No". The game does differentiate sail and hull through critical hits which have their own critical hit charts.   You can aim high or low.  It does work in an abstracted, simple way.

A British brig fires low.

The "to hit" sequence is very simple and easy enough to calculate in your head.  You have chain shot, grape shot, double shot and even heated shot as well though chain shot has no range restriction. Rakes are handled eloquently.   I have only had 2 melees but this seems to work and there are rules for sharpshooters.

US sharpshooters go to work!

Ships normally strike before they sink as you would expect though inexperienced ships maybe strike too often needing to roll a "6" to save themselves from this fate.   Every AOS game has to have the possibility of a ship blowing up because it happened once during the battle of the Nile and you will find it here.  As a matter of fact that poor ship has a special rule that makes it easy for her to blow up if you use her historically.  ( As if the french don't have enough problems!)

My thoughts are overall the combat system works.  It needs to be tweaked for my tastes just like Crueler Seas did.  The critical hits need to be expanded and the sail hits need to be made more pronounced and permanent.  I will be working on this.  But the damage system plays fast and clean and seems to give historical results.  As I get older I like faster and cleaner at the expenses of some detail; just not as much as the original game.  The only thing I don't like in the combat system is the fact that there is no reload time.  To me to get the feel of AOS verses Cruel Seas you need reload time.   This is already in there partially as "fire as she bears".  This simulates each cannon firering as rapidly as possible at a target and give a -2 penalty verses a loaded broadside.  Still, all ships can fire a loaded broadside each turn.  Looses some flavor for me.

As you would expect this is also abstracted.  Ships can't sail directly into the wind and actually take damage if the wind changes and they find themselves in that position. [ an odd bit of chrome] .  Ships basically have 3 speeds,  The wake markers that I loved in Cruel Seas are back but here they annoy me because the terminology on them is just plain wrong.  The three speeds are full sails, light sails and battle sails.  Those three speeds don't correspond to those sail states but the ship's relationship to the wind which are close reach, broad reach or run with the wind.  I am fine with simplifying sailing but please don't use incorrect terms.  You don't want someone playing the game to think that they are moving to full sail when they are broad reaching. Have them think they are moving "fast".  While we are here I was disappointed there are no rules for full sails.  It would add another decision to the game and would be simple enough to abstract in.  There are also no rules for fore and aft rigged ships such as my schooner.  Now if I am only playing Trafalgar this is no problem.  But for a comprehensive ruleset that will be used in the Caribbean with pirates that is a problem.

Ships at sail size each other up.

There is a simplified tacking rule which works, but again, woe to the inexperienced crew as they have little chance to tack needing a "6" to succeed.  [ poor Spanish].  Movement feels very fast to me as well, more like cruel seas than an Age of Sail game. Ships broad reaching move 3 times their basic speed so move pretty far.    Finally, there is no difference between square rigged and fore and aft rigged ships as to sailing characteristics.  For Trafalgar again no problem but in the Caribbean or even privateers in the channel a problem.

My overall thoughts are I was disappointed in the sailing system.  It doesn't feel like a sailing game at all.  It would take an awful lot for me to fix this part.  If you want a very simple abstract sailing game which bears little relation to sailing then I think this works.  It felt like I was sailing a vosper with rigging rather than an elegant sailing ship.

Odds and Ends
The campaign rules were very disappointing and are nothing but common sense.   There are special rules for each of the 4 main combatants and rules for several of their notable ships.  These are okay.
There are excellent photos of models and osprey drawings and history of the AOS.  The production values of the book are topnotch.

Overall this is a basic set of AOS rules.  If that is what you are looking for you will like this set.  I really like the concept of 1 damage number for the whole ship.  It is simple and elegant.  I can expand the detail enough to take into account sails verses hull.  The sailing rules left me flat.  An AOS game has to feel like an AOS game, not like MTBs under sail. As I stated at the beginning rules are a personal thing.  For me I think there are better sets out there.  I will probably work on the combat rules and incorporate them into my Post Captain rules.  Your mileage may vary.




Monday, October 7, 2019

Romanians over the Kuban

Flotilla Forward continues to move ahead but it has slowed down because it is october and that means playoff baseball.  A bonus for me is my favorite team, the Nationals, are in the playoffs.  Fingers crossed.
Decided to do something different last week after reading about Jack's air campaign in the Pacific.  Decided to do a Bag the Hun mission.  I had just finished painting up 2 seibel ferries from warlord's sale in preparation for a game with my brother and dad so decided to use my Romanian ME 109 squadron to do a CAP mission over the Kuban river.  [ You can see I am fixated on the Romanian air force as well as their navy!]  This is an interesting squadron as they have flown 8 mission already.  Their CO was sacked after the 3rd mission for not being aggressive enough and the XO [SLt Florescu] was fleeted up to temporary command.  After performing well this was made permanent along with a promotion to Capt.  Despite what you might think this is a good squadron with 13 kills against 5 losses.  They currently only have 5 mission ready aircraft with 2 in the shop. SLt Bernad is the maintenance officer and he works what miracles he can. 

Capt Florescus left the operations hut to go brief the squadron.  He had just left LtCol Ulsei in a reasonably good mood.  They were to fly CAP over the Kubian river where the germans were moving supplies down towards the Black seas beachhead the russians had created 3 days ago.  He would take a schwarm and mulled over in his head who should accompany him.  The logical choice to lead the other element was Adj Sef Miron.  He was the senior NCO of the squadron, had 2 kills and was a great pilot.  Unfortunately, he was shot down 2 days ago and just walked into the squadron last night.  The flight surgeon had not cleared him for combat yet.  His XO was too green having arrived 2 weeks ago.  Lt Marulis, the leading scorer in the squadron with 4 kills, had just made a dead stick landing earlier today.  That left 2 NCOs Burileanu and Manoliu.  Both had been with the squadron since they had converted to the ME 109 and had flown primarily as wingmen.  He would ask his senior NCO for his recommendation.  Everyone else in the squadron was just too green. 


Capt Florescu   son of a doctor  Scholarly/position   military grad   Vet with 3 kills
wingman  Adj Moraru      addicted /wealth       green pilot

Adj Stag Manolui  dock worker    agressive   avg     has lucky trait
wingman  Adj Stag Burileanu   Cheery        avg 

The schwarm over the Kubian     

I picked CAP mission and rolled up intercept bombers.  ( I actually rolled up operational bombers but I only have early war soviets.  I have been meaning to get some B-25s in Russian colors.)  So I rolled up 6 Sturmovik escorted by 4 LA-5s.   ( 1 of the LA-5s is a brand new LA-5 FN which for me gives is slightly faster speed.)    Despite being a veteran and being on CAP Florescu rolled badly on the intercept and ended up being significantly behind the soviets when he spotted them.  

Bandits 12 oclock!

Capt Florescu told teh NCO element to get the bombers and he would handle the fighters. 

Unfortunately they are seen by Ivan at a distance and the escorts circle back. 

Florescu finds a russian fighter off alone and bores in.   ( Green pilot fails to keep formation.)
He is rewarded by the plane suddenly spiraling down awkwardly.   His 4th kill!

However, before the elation of his 4th kill has time to sink in bullets rattle his plane from the left side!  

A quick turn to port loses the russian but Moraru comes over the headset telling him his plane is trailing fluid at an alarming rate.  A scan of the instruments shows his fuel dropping fast.  His fuel line must be cut.  He has no choice but to leave his very green wingman and the NCOs and head back towards base. 

Meanwhile the 2 NCOs bore in.  But a Sturmovik is very hard to bring down.

Then the wiley russians hide in the clouds! 

Meanwhile, floating down the kuban river...

Very cool looking ferries!  Wonder where the 88 crews are? 

Jack, these are the 29 cent rivers I told you about last year.  Not as nice as the Wargamer's terrain but waaay cheaper. 
They are some type of shelving paper.  Here is a shot of the back.  I bought it at Michael s. 

Back to the battle...

A furball ensues...

And our green pilot takes a shot and damages one!

the bombers drone on getting closer to the kuban...

Finally Adj Stag Manoliu's persistance is rewarded by smoke coming from a sturmovik's engine.  It pulls out of formation but only heads for home.  Russian fighters protect it well.

As flak blossoms the Romanian fighters break off with only 2 bombers diverted from their mission. 

Multiple rockets head for the 2 ferries.  Only 2 hit and they cause minor damage.

Each sturmovik carries 2 small bombs in addition to the rockets.  I use my Brag the hun rules to bomb.  While the ferries are slow and they look huge in the pictures, they are actually very small targets...

obviously too small for our 4 bombers...

to hit!

The 3 romanians head for home but there is one more drama to play out.   Remember our dear Capt leaking fuel?  We use the AKOT table from Squadron Forward and I decided it is unlikely that he will make the airfield.  A d10 roll of "7" confirms he is going to be short.  As his gas gauge moves to empty he radios his position and looks for a flat place to set his plane down.  I decide he is likely to  find such a place in southern russia and he does.  He shuts his engine off and glides down as best he can.  He has never heard such screeching and groaning of metal in his life but when the dust settles he is alive and in one piece!  The plane sustains only major damage; good landing.  

Great battle!  I declared it a draw because we did not stop the attack on the ferries but the escort was strong and the ferries were unhurt. ( more or less)  Plus the good Capt did pick up 1 kill.  Our green pilot Moraru upgrades to average.  The squadron's reputation also goes up to 2 which is very good and signifies they are considered somewhat elite within the Air Force.  ( True Top Gun status is 3.)  This will help with many checks as people start to behave they way it is expected.  If people see you as a hot shot you will start to believe you are!   Things are looking up.  Hopefully next time I will report my second Romanian ace.  (I have one in my IAR-80 squadron already.)