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Sunday, July 22, 2012

A wargamer looks at Malta

Well not a wargamer but a father and husband who took his family to Malta for a long weekend!  We spent most of teh time at the beach but did venture into Valletta one day. 
Here is the fortess where the Knights/Maltese held off the Turks.
It is in the grand harbor across from Valletta.  Valletta was actually built after the siege.

The entrance to the one muesuem I went into.  Looked to be the best.  Small but talked about life on the island.   The island was subjected to 155 days of continuous bombing and King George awarded the whole island the King George Cross which is on their flag today.  The bombing was far worse than what London experienced during the blitz.
Without an underground tube system the people dug out caves.  Most folks didn't have private quarters such as pictured here!

One of the biggest monuments in battery park overlooking the harbor.  Dedicated to a military physcian of course!  Dr Thompson of the 69th regiment died during a Choleria epidemic on the island while treating others.  Monument erected  by his regiment for their "universal affection and esteem".  No man can do better!

Inland is a church, the Mostra Dom.  It had a german 250kg bomb go through the roof during Mass one sunday that did not explode!  Saved 200 people but rattle the congregation.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures of Malta.  It is a great place to visit with lots of history!



  1. Would love to visit Malta one day. Looks interesting.

  2. It was interesting and a lot of history. Ryan air has cheap flights out of London!