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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Death of Eric Redbeard

For my regular readers; sorry to post two SAGA posts in a row.  SAGA posts don't seem to be popular but I haven't posted in a month so wanted to get something up.  I am painting up some cold war russian paratroopers and hope to have them in Estonia soon as part of operation War Hammer.  More to follow on that.  Have also painted up 2 gun trucks for vietnam; just have to be inspired to play. 
Otherwise have been playing SAGA A+A and started an Age of Wolf campaign.  My 4 factions are:
Romans ( of course) with Maxius Velocitus. 
Franks with Hilrund the terrible
Huns with Beo; just Beo
Saxons with Eric Redbeard
First season saw Maxius campaign against Redbeard with Redbeard attempting to Raid back.  Redbeard is an old warrior ( he has a greybeard now) and he ambushed Maxius in a forest.  While Maxius won the campaign point by exiting the board, Redbeard saw his reputation grow by soundly thrashing the Romans.
The second season saw the Romans on the defensive, building their forces to renew their attack against the Saxons.  The Huns have decided to raid the Franks.  Eric has decided to Raid the Romans again for easy pickings of wealth.  While he and his brother are preparing their mission, word comes that Hilrund and the Franks have launched an assault from the east.  Never one to delegate, Eric moves east with his heathguard and waits for an opportunity to strike... 

Playing a new mission I have developed, Foraging Party.

The populace supports Eric so he is constantly informed of Hilrund's moves.
One day Hilrund dispatches some troops to raid an orchard and pond for food.
Now is the perfect time to strike!

The dumb Franks have one unit of Heathguards battle ready while the rest gather food.

Eric gives the signal to charge and the Saxons break out of the woods to take out vengeance on the ill prepared Franks.

The battle rages in the orchard!

Eric personally takes on the guards and destroys them easily.  He is truly..Redbeard!

The battle is all but won as the orchard and it's produce is once again Saxon. 

But what is that in the distance?  Hoof beats and a horn?!
Hilrund arrives with that cool windsock thing.  Too late to save his foragers but not too late to dish out some pain. 

Infantry clash but the saxons are still fatigued from the battle in the orchard so it is no contest.  ( Franks used no Saxon fatigue in the orchard to prepare for this!)
The cavalry make for Eric and throw their Javelins.  All 4 strike home.  The Saxons all fail their saving throws ( a 6% chance that!) and Eric and his bodyguard are all alone. 

Eric stands like a true warrior king!

The melee swirls as does the king's axe.  Eventually, overcome by sheer numbers and 18 wounds, Eric goes down for the last time! He has died fighting to protect his people and their lands from the murderous Franks!  ( actually he went down easily, the Franks didn't lose a rider.) 

As Eric had no adult children and only 2 teenage daughters, his brother, Dangst the Raven takes over. He is called the Raven becauses he brings death to all his foes and had done so for his brother for years.  Now he swears vengeance on Hilrund.  But first he will finish his brother's raid against the Romans...

Only the second time I have played this scenario.  This one played differently but was still close; Franks wining by 1 point till Eric went down. Will playtest it some more than will probably see if Miniature Wargames wants to publish it.

Really like Age of the Wolf.  Easy to pick up after a break and breaths life into the characters and campaigns.  I have toyed with "Warriors Forward" for a while but now have no need as Age of the Wolf fits the bill nicely.





  1. You sold out to the Panda! I demand a return to modern, Vietnam, or WW2! A cool looking table and minis, in any case.


  2. I am quite happy to read Saga AAR's; keep them coming!

  3. What a nice and intense looking battle, beautiful minis and terrain...

  4. Jack, I so did! And he hasn't even commented. Have painted up a full squad of russian paras and 2 BTRs for my Estonians.
    Codsticker and Phil, Thank you for the positive comments. The # of views goes down with SAGA but if folks like them I will post them. SAGA certainly lends itself to intense personalized battles and campaigns. I do think my tables are improving.
    Thanks again

  5. Yeah, he's a fickle Panda, only shows up for the glory, never does any of the work ;)

    Improving? Table looks great man, no doubt about it. You almost keep convincing me I need to buy some Hexon, but I've sunk so much damn money into mats now it's ridiculous...


  6. Jack,
    I am telling you it is the way to go. They look great and I never fiddle with rulers. 1 hex is 20 yards so ground scale is 1 to 1; perfect. The only problem before was shipping but with the pound weak it is affordable. I use the boards at least 3 times a month; it pays for itself quickly.