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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Product review Bashytubits 3d printed Jadgkanone

Real life again has gotten in the way of gaming.   Played one game with Sgt Lachman and might report on that next week.  Wanted to give everyone an opinion of 3D printed stuff in 15mm since I haven't really read any reviews.  This is one man's opinoin and your mileage may vary.
First, I ordered 8 vehicles from QRF 6 Sept and still have nothing.  I did get a response to my third e-mail but that is a different story.  Needless to say I wasn't keen on ordering any more from them and really felt Sgt Lachman's men needed a Jadgkanone in support.  Scale Creep didn't have any so thought I would give Bashytubits a whirl.  [ He posts on TMP frequently.] 
First off, Bashy was very easy to deal with.  Very responsive and I got my toy quickly;  thank you!
It set me back $6 (yea) with $4 postage (boo) so price was slightly cheaper than scale creep but not much. 
Here is what I got.  I liked that it came in black so I didn't have to prime.  I was concerned about the fine lines but hoped once painted it would be fine.
Not a great shot but does show some of the detail of the model which is pretty good.  Unfortunately the lines are apparent as well. 

It painted up very easily and took I-94 decals well.  Now if you are a good 2.5 feet away the model looks very good.  As readers of this board know I skirmish so my whole board is 3x3 ft so I am normally 2 feet or less away.  Here the lines are still apparent.

So I pulled a QRF Jaguar for comparison as they are about the same size.

  Finally I did "pimp my ride" by adding a LMG from the bits box.

So what do I think?

If you are playing FOW or a large operational game with a big board and lots of vehicles I think Bashy's stuff is a great idea.  You will probably save $2 per vehicle, have great service, easy to paint and look fine from afar.  If you are in the weeds 18-30 inches from your forces with 2-3 vehicles on the board I am not sure it will be my first choice.  That said, I will proudly field my Jadgkanone and will look to Bashy if I need something else esoteric.




  1. Steve, on the sloped sides that is exactly what it looks like! For a WW II jadgpanther it would be perfect.

  2. Do you know what kind of machine it was printed on and the material? That makes a huge difference. One of Shapeways more expensive materials is indistinguishable from cast resin and is hard as a rock. Of course, that makes it pricier...

  3. Nicholas,
    No I do not know the material. The model was inexpensive. Maybe a different material would work better but then you might as well buy a metal one.
    Good to know though. Thanks