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Saturday, March 31, 2018

Alpha boats for FoF and other pictures

Have played several games over the last 2 weeks including a great one taking place in Iraq that the US lost with only 2 turns left.  But this post is going to highlight my current fascination with riverine warfare in Vietnam.  A unique aspect of the war and one of the true successful innovations the French had.
Every year I blow $100 on frivolous stuff I really don't need but would be cool.  Now my wife would tell you all my wargaming stuff is frivolous but I am talking even frivolous for me.  Last year it was custom dice.  This year I bought an alpha boat from Battlefront (25% off) and a building complex from Crescent Root. ( love their buildings!)   The boat is frivolous because how often do you really need an alpha boat in a skirmish game?  The buildings are because... I have alot of buildings already. Good news is only spent $85.
So to my alpha boat.    It is big and looks cool!!!

Here it is pimped out with a custom flag!  

FoF Ambush Valley has no stats for Alpha boats so here is my best guess
Alpha boat  Class H    20mm cannon 4/3 L    twin 50s 4/1 L  and 80 mtr  4/2 L minimum 40 yards 
                    armor 3D10 except rear 2D10.   crew  7   Notes  Can carry 10 men.  Equiped for mine-
                    sweeping.  4D10 against mine attacks.  

And because you all know I have my French Foreign Legion in Indochina we have...

A Vedette de Port also with custom flag!

Another view

These were Harbor Defense Launches that the French added guns and armor too.  Many had 20 mm guns in front but mine has twin 50s from my Peter Pig PBR.  Needless to say Ambush Valley has no stats for this baby either so...
Vedette de Port   Class M    twin 50s 4/3 L   single HMG ( one per side) 3/0    60mm Mtr  3/0
                            armor 2D8 except rear 1D8   crew 7   Notes armor and weapons varied; more 
                            added as war progressed
Other stuff to report:
Quick game just to get my "river legs" with my half painted alpha boat ambushed.  5 Navy SEALS jump out. 
VC with recoiless rifle. 

SEALS attempt to capture the rifle but it slips away.  

Finally painted up a Timecast building I bought last year at Historicon. 

In the mean streets of Iraq...

More street action!

US forces moving under the cover of smoke

US trying to hold on...

One fireteam pinned as the rebels get ready to storm the building!  SL down WIA.

Armor shows up but will it get there in time?

It didn't.  The Rebels charged but were beaten back with final defensive fire.  US held on to their positions but lost on points as they had too many seriously wounded.   Great game.

That is all the news that is fit to print.  Happy Easter everyone.  Anyone with better info and ratings for the Alpha or Vedette de Port boats please let me know.






  1. Thank you. It is a nice model and I think my skills continue to improve.