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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Flank attack at the factory

Finally got my soldiers; not all my terrain but you can't have everything. So last weekend had a chance to send my Russian Platoon Forward! This is battle #5 and this is a fun platoon to play. There is tension between the platoon leader and the 1st squad leader. This is not helped by the fact that the company commander seems to favor the squad leader. It is 1943 and the Platoon Leader is a replacement coming into the company. To catch up read about the attack outside of Kursk from last November posted on this site; I'll wait...

Still no camera so I will try to describe the board:

There is a factory in the center with a plaza in front. To the right is a small collection of buildings and on the left is a small church. Behind the factory are some scattered trees. To the left of the factory is a ruined railroad station. This is all on a beautiful Kalestra hexagon board that a least one visitor doesn't like :)

If you read the post from last November you know that a reporter from Pravda is here to do a story on Sgt Shakulo. Of course the CO is not going to let the JrLT mess this up so he is going to to make sure the reporter is not killed.


JrLt Bessonov Scholarly/plessure Gr II
Sgt Shakulo addicted/ alcohol Gr II
Sgt Chrnnyshov Evil/ knowledge Gr II
Sgt Mikhev conformist/ wealth Gr I

Lt Konerko Fanatic/ Position Gr II Company CO

Sgt Shakulo wished commerade Lennin was here. The Russian army in 1943 was not the classless society Lennin envisioned. These officers were driving him crazy! Oh, they had their place, doing grand strategy and such. They had gotten the platoon onto the flanks of the fascists today. But by and large they got in his way. JrLT Bessonov was a timid old woman. He was afraid of making a decision and was against a man having a drink now and then. Lt Konerko was better. But he was always trying to help him. Shakulo didn't need any help. He just wanted to rid mother russia of the invaders and go home to his family. Now this reporter was here asking hiim all kinds of questions. Lt Konerko seemed nervous.

By the time they got into position, a T-34 and an armored car had joined the platoon. JrLtBessonov's plan was to have Shakulo clear the houses on the right. 2nd squad would stay with the armor in the center and 3rd squad would be in reserve. As soon as the reporter said he was going wtih Shakulo the JLt decided he was leaving the reserve and going with Shakulo too. Shakulo tried to run his squad but the JrLT kept taking over. They cleared the first building easily. They became pinned down by a MG from the factory while advancing towards a second building. Lt Konerko showed up. He Ordered teh Jr LT to go back and rally 3rd squad in the plaza (the tanks had run into an 88 dug in near the church) while he shuffled the reported into the safety of a house. I got my squad moving again and barely missed capturing a MMG in the second house.

By this time 2nd squad and my own were in buildings facing the factory trading fire with its occupants which consisted of about a squad of germans supported by several MGs. We traded fire until Lt Konerko showed up with the reporter. The reporter wanted to see me and my squad "in action". Lt Konerko led our 2 squads in an assault on the factory. He told me he wanted my squad to go in first. Just as we were entering JrLt Bessonov showed up with 3 men from 3rd squad. He ran past me to make sure he entered the building right behind the Lt! Fighting in the factory was moderate until the germans retreated. The reported took my picture in the factory next to a russian flag that he had and left pleased.

Unfortunatly Sgt Mikhev was badly wounded in the attack. I don't think he will be back. JrLt Bessonov has moved Cpl Zuvich up to take over 3rd squad.

Great battle. The fighting in the factory was particularly exciting. We never even saw the company CP in the station. I am sorry I have no pictures for you all. The only other post game event of note is 3rd squad's morale is decreased.

For the scenario:
This is a flank attack (C) so set up the germans facing to the right. The russians recieve a T-34 and armored car at start.
The german forces generated for me were:
1 squad, 2 MMGs 1 88 ATG 1 company command post with 10 men with decreased morale.
1 Gr III leader, 3 Gr II leaders and 1 Gr I leader

Place a reporter figure on the board. It can never be more than 50 yards from Sgt Shakulo and Lt Konerko can never be more than 50 yards from the reporter. If the reporter is killed you can do no better than a draw.




  1. Adding the reporter to the scenario is a nice touch.

  2. Thanks. It came up as a post game event for the last game and seemed to fit in well.