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Welcome to the site where the story of the battle is as important as the battle itself. Here we will focus on men thrust into extraordinary situations of life and death. They must lead other men with duty and honor to meet their countries objectives. Some will be blessed with great skill, some will carry great shortcomings. No matter what nation, no matter what war, no matter what theater, they are all called to move their Platoon or Squadron forward!

These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Go Big or Go home!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season!!  I actually did traveling to family; something I haven't been able to do for three years.  The new job is actually starting to ramp up; now when I go to work people ask me hard questions.  Before everyone ignored me!

The first news is Grunts Forward is done!  I sent the document to Rich Clark yesterday.  Hopefully he will publish it by summer.  For new readers Grunts Forward is the asymetrical warfare expansion for Platoon Forward.  It includes more in depth character generation, medals, a new NPC table and 6 new scenarios such as "Ft Apache" ( rebel attack on your base) and "One of our planes is missing" ( A race to find the crew of a downed plane).  As usual these are all very solitaire friendly with great replay value.

The second news is I splurged and treated myself.  I tried to run several USN PT boat vrs IJN barges and the pieces were just too small.  I have decided to go up to 1/600 scale for at least my smaller ships.

                                               Go big or Go home!!  1/600 PT boat vrs 1/1200.

I found some old Skytrex ships on e-bay, bought a bunch from PT Dockyard and also purchased 2 1/700 model kit IJN DDs.  I spent more than I wanted to but it has re invigorated me working on my Release the Hounds rules.

That looks cool!!!

Japanese barges I can actually see.  They even have stuff in them!

IJN runs for the shore at 10 kts!


A heavily damaged boat with a dead skipper runs from a land based 75mm.

Look for some more battle reports with my bigger ships. Bigger is better!




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