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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Welsh Borders

Been busy painting up my French indo-china forces.  Played one game in Afganistan
 And then took a break with a battle of Saga.  I have invented several rules to make Saga more realistic but every time I do it also takes away the fun factor.  The only rule I have kept is variable movement.  Otherwise I admit that Saga bears little relation to middle age fighting but it is a whale of a game to play!
I pulled a scenario from Wargames Illustrated ( don't remember the issue) called Eadric the Wild vs William Fitzobern.  Basically Fitzobern is a Norman knight whose job it is to keep the Welsh border quiet. Eadric the Wild ( a saxon) teams with Welsh Lord Bleddyn to invade England.  Thus the Welsh are attacking and the Normans are arrayed along an old roman road to stop them.   
There is a roman ruin in the middle of the board that Eadric can start hidden in order to ambush the Normans.
I played each side used 5 points.
Unfortunately for the Normans, their first moves are to get their crossbowmen into the ruin.
Eadric ambushes the crossbowmen leaving only 2 alive to scurry back to England. 
Welsh horsemen move up in support.
Norman knights attack the Saxon's with little success. 

Welsh horsemen smash into the Sergeants and drive them back. 

Fitzobern himself attacks Eadric with crush and the Saxons are wiped out!

Horses in the middle!  Unfortunately the knight's better training and armor tell the tale and the Welsh  horsemen must retreat.

Welsh javelins take their toll on the knights; the Bleddyn sends his elite fighters in and the knights are cut down.
With only 2 knights, 2 sergeants and 2 crossbowmen left, Fitzobern sounds retreat back tot the castle!

Now Bleddyn marches into England!

Fun game that plays quickly.




  1. What scale are you doing the Indo China war in?

  2. What scale are you doing the Indo China war in?

  3. 15mm. So far it is a mix of Peter Pig and Flashpoint.

  4. Thanks
    Saga is great fun to play