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Sunday, October 21, 2018

Cold War Tanker finished

Real World has interposed into my wargaming.  This time that has been a good thing.  Trip to Las Vegas, baseball playoffs and kids visiting has left little time or need for my normal escape.  that said, finished Cold War Tanker poolside in Vegas.  The offensive stats steadily increased throughout development.  Also added rules for unbuttoned as I think this is a big part of situational awareness.  So what I hope is the final draft is off by carrier pigeon to Lard Island.  We will see if it makes it into the special.  As I haven't gamed much here are some pics of my final playtests.

I really like the east vrs west germans for some reason!

East Germans use the new "platoon movement"rule.

BTR stops for Gas ( or petrol)

This doesn't look good! 

The fate of BRDM-AT every time he takes the field!


Infantry in the open don't fair well in the infantry rules.

This looks like a good position and it shows off the new station wagon Joe painted up.

This should have worked out well for the East Germans but they lost the initiative.
Jagpanzer meets german infantry at the gas station.  ( The ridges in the 3D models just bug me; sorry!)

Sneaky shot!

So hope everyone is doing well.
Hopefully you will see Cold War Tanker in the Christmas Special.  It has been fun to develop.




  1. Do your stats cover the Arab / Israeli conflict tanks? I plan to do 1948-1973? - gotta love those Sho't and T-55s!

  2. Herky,
    No they don't. The period I was looking at was the 1980s. To include from 1948 to 1988 was too large a span. To do all those tanks justice the Abrams would have ended up with a defense of 24!. If you don't mind "lumping" you can extrapolate. My guess is a vintage T-55 would be a 6/10.
    Good article for another special!


    1. I figured the number of dice for modern tanks would be ...rather large! I think I may have a go myself at working a new protocol for tanks from the early period, covering Panzer IV J's, SU100's etc through to T-72's and M60 A2's. !

    2. Herky
      You should! You are a talented guy. I didn't want to have too many dice so scaled everything back the most dice you will have to throw is 17

  3. Flightdoc I know Im pretty late to the party, but what you have done looks like tremendous fun! dont suppose theirs a place to see your rules? Happy new years!

  4. Any news on this from the Lardies? The question has been asked on the forum and either someone is using ECM to block their comms or they are ignoring everyone!

  5. I sent it to Rich to publish in the special. I guess they chose not to publish it. If Rich is okay I can publish it I guess.


  6. It never made it into the special. It is available on Wargame Vault.