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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Sgt Bomba meets Britney Shields

My French Foreign Legion in Africa is set in the 1990s. They have been in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Ivory Coast.  These are obviously not imaginary countries and the Legion has intervened multiple times over the years.  The real FFL has intervened in Africa 30+ times since 1945.  Plenty of fodder for scenarios.    That said, I am not a slave to history as this scenario will demonstrate.

This scenario is a modification of the Grunts Forward scenario "One of our Planes is Missing"  It is designed for 3 or 4 players.  I just felt like getting a lot of toys on the table.  I rolled up the talbe as per PF but did not roll for forces.

The latest teen pop star to take Europe by storm, Britney Shields is visiting The Ivory Coast to raise public awareness of the terrible human rights violations going on by both the government troops and the rebel forces.  Rebel forces took to the streets 4 weeks ago after elections results showed a landslide victory for the current president.  Government forces loyal to the president have been fighting in the streets. 2 weeks ago France responded while the UN dithered by sending in troops to “calm” the situation and restore order before Europeans (and financial interests) got hurt.   

French briefing

You are Sgt Bomba of the French Foreign Legion and arrived in country as the tip of that spear.  There has been minor skirmishing with primarily rebel troops but your presence does seem to have calmed things. Today you are the Company's rapid reaction.  You are called into the company commander’s office.  He launches right in.  “ You heard about that pop singer touring here?  Well her helicopter just went down.  Can you believe that!?  Take your squad and go get her before someone else finds her!  The rest of your platoon will crank up shortly.  

Sgt Bomba  Moroccan romeo run out of town so joined the FFL
                     Cheery/ Hedonism                                       Avg ldr
 Cpl Collins  English Cambridge grad who got bored
                      Obnoxious/ Hedonism                                Avg Ldr
1 Squad     with good training and morale  10/10 for FOF with APC

Cpl Howell   attached Milan team.  ( from my last scenario.  You don't need to add)

Private Military Contractor briefing
You are Iron Mike Hennessy formerly of the US special forces.  You have a great gig now with better pay, food and all you have to do is baby sit some teenager and keep goons from handling her.  You are with two other professionals, Gus and Fast Freddie.  When the pilot orders everyone to assume crash positions you realize your day is going to get a lot harder…
3 Operators armed with rifles, body armor and grenades.  Elite troops.  For Force on Force use 10/12 for Iron Mike and 10/10 for Gus and Freddie.  One “pop star” unarmed. She will defend herself in hand to hand using a D6 and needing a "5".    The pilots died of embarrassment in the crash.

The Army of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
You are Lt Chiraf of your country’s army.  A French VIPs helicopter has crashed.  She will make an excellent bargaining chip for your negotiations with the French.  Secure the crash site and take her into “protective” custody.  This is an opportunity from heaven; don’t let anyone stand in our way!
2 BTR 70s each with. a 10 man squad consisting of 1 NCO, 1 RPG, 1 LMG team and 7 rifles with Grenades.  No body armor.     They are poorly trained with average morale.  For Force on force use 6/8 confident.

Workers for a Free Congo.
You are Jean Claude.  You have had enough of the charade that passes for democracy in your country. How can the president win with 110% of the vote!  You and your brothers have taken to the streets so that justice will prevail.  That hot  singer’s helicopter has crashed.! As an entertainer you know she is liberal and would side with your cause.  You must meet her and introduce her to your struggle!  This is an opportunity for the revolution too good to pass up.
2 “squads” consisting of an NCO, 1 LMG team, 2 RPG and 8 rifles.  No grenades or body armor.  1 technical mounting a heavy Machine gun.   .  This force is poorly trained but highly motivated by their cause.  For Force on Force use 6/10 confident.

Satellite view of crash site 
French enter from left 
Rebels from top
Government from bottom
Roll for turn of entry

Britney climbs out of the helo as the contractors secure the area.
Jean Claude enters with his mates.

Lt Chirac debusses.  He sends the other APC directly to the crash site.

Iron Mike holds off the rebels with a little help from the Government.  ( They are here to help!)

Rebel fire pins the contractors and messes up Britney's hair! 

The rebels are also pinned and fall back!

Sgt Bomba riding to the rescue!

Unfortunately a lucky RPG round immobilizes the french APC.   This just got a lot harder!

Lt Chirac, having slowed the french, moves in to mop up some rebels.

The other government squad, being covered by the APC charges to free Britney from the contractors.

I really enjoy the assault sequence in FOF.  It shows the morale and training of troops normally...

unless your elite troops CONSISTENTLY ROLL "1s" AND "2s"!  Then they are wiped out by 7 government troops and Britney is captured.  Poor Iron Mike. 

Just to really frustrate me, the french APC blows up; seriously I need new dice! 
[ Sgt Bomba had moved towards the crash site with half the squad. Cpl Collins was in the APC firering through the ports at Lt Chirac.   Cpl Howell had climbed a hill with his Milan but the APCs were all too close to fire.  ]

Sgt Bomba near the crash site.  The trip across open ground cost 1 KIA and 1 seriously wounded.

The rebels have rallied and are charging as the Government troops load Britney in the APC.  There is a slight delay as she signs a T-shirt for a Cpl but they make it. 

Mid game        FOW event raises the french morale to 12.  Cpl Howell on the hill bottom left.  Cpl Collins behind wrecked APC.  Ready to move to Sgt Bomba who is at the small factory bottom right.  Rebels at helo crash site and on hill top center.  Government at crash site and center of board. 

Cpl Collins moves towards the factory.

Cpl Howell sets his sites on the APC at the crash site...

Hope Britney survives...

She does!   The french and government troops work at beating back the rebels.  Sgt Bomba doesn't want to fire at the troops holding Britney for fear of hitting her.  [ Never mind Howell just blew up the vehicle she was in]

Hold your fire!

Leaving 1 man back with the casualties Sgt Bomba orders an assault!

The 3 guards are taken by surprise and Bomba's men don't roll any "1s".  The french win quickly without losing anyone.  

Of course now they are in the open and every african gun open's up on them!

Britney and 1 legionnaire go down.     Merde!     Bomba carries the singer towards an outbuilding near the factory. 

Mercifully both of them have only scratches.  Here is where they will make their stand.  Sgt Bomba calls for air support but the range of the portable radio isn't strong enough to be heard.  [ FOW event canceling air support.]

Things are looking grim for our heros.  The troops on the left actually charge but accurate gunfire breaks them before they enter the building. 

As Bomba is discussing with "college boy" Collins what to do about the APC the government troops withdraw amid firing from the nearby hill.  

A cheer goes up from the trapped legionaries as they see...

Sgt Barrie and Lt Lorray show up in the nick of time! 

Great game that played a little long given the large number of forces on the table.  I can't believe how poorly the contractors did.  It was really exciting and I didn't know if Bomba was going to pull this one off or not.

Post game  Sgt Bomba is awarded the Croix de Guerre with gold star. [ Only the 3rd medal every awarded in all my games.  Thanks Brian for writing that section in Grunts Forward!]  Not bad for a punk kid from Morocco. Also the squads morale raises by 1.

Hope you all enjoyed somehting a little different.  I did.




  1. Excellent AAR and funny! I love it.

  2. Good AAR! While not a Brittney fan, glad she survived. And always liked the FFL. :)

  3. JC,
    Thanks. Agree I am not a huge Britney fan myself but no one should die in a BTR 70!


  4. There must be something about FonF that attracts a certain type of gamer, almost every time I read their game reports there is a story and it's an exciting one. This is such a one, well done to Sgt Bomba, he deserves the medal.