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Thursday, September 26, 2019

Flotilla Forward scenario playtest; Convoy Intercept

Greetings.    From the jungles of Africa to the dutch coast I continue to wander with my gaming.  Been reading Night Action  which is a fantastic book as the author tells it like it is with mistakes and doubt.  As stated previously Flotilla Forward is done except for the scenarios.  I hadn't figured out how to do the blinds.  Then I had a flash of brilliance or gas I wasn't sure which.  To sort it out I set up and played the hardest scenario to balance; Convoy Intercept.  The reason this scenario has given me fits is you need the defender to place his escorts in a reasonable formation around the convoy.  Too many dummy's rolled and the defense isn't realistic.  No uncertainty and it is less fun rolling in the dark.  

English Channel
Visibility 1 mile [ using crueler seas spotting rules]
Wind Beaufort 3

2 Dogboats approach the Sea lane where a convoy was spotted early in the day by naval aircraft.  As I was working on the scenario I didn't roll up the characters.  1 boat is veteran and 1 average.  They get 1 bonus die for initiative. 

Veteran Dogboat commanded by Lt Nicholas Nickleby. RNR
The dogboats are at slow speed when the look out notices A small escort off to port about 1 mile ahead.  Nicholas orders slight increase in speed.  He plans to parallel the convoy, get ahead and move in. 

The german R boat.  50% chance of an inexperienced crew but these guys are average.  Unfortunately they are either asleep or looking forward as they don't see the dogboats. 

I had 3 FOW events during the game.  [ These are part of FF]  Those of you familiar with my other forward games know what independent action is.  Nicholas was the leader and therefore was immune. 

The dogboats make their turn.  At this point they are spotted by the Germans.  [ each hex 100 yards]

The lead VP boat sees the firering and moves to lend a hand.  It spots the dogboats and turns into...

A german minesweeper!  Nicholas didn't see that coming.  My new system maintains several surprises. But so far the convoy defense makes sense.

     The Raum boat takes damage as she lays a smoke screen. 

The dogboats maintain speed and trade shots with the Raum.  The lighter guns on the minesweeper find the other dogboat however. 

Another shot of the action...

Not Good!    The forward turret is taken out of Saunder's boat.  Leading Seaman Wicks is KIA. 

Formation broken as the minesweeper passes between the Fairmiles.  Nicholas circles to starboard making smoke hoping to make one pass at the convoy.  Lt Saunders, boat heavily damaged, turns also and attempts to disengage.  [ The raum boat's smoke making equipment was taken out by Saunders gunnery.]

Saunders boat continues to be pummeled by the MS.  His 6 pounder does damage the engines on his nemesis however.  But amidst the smoke and tracers Sydney Higgins Calls out to Lt Nickelby, "Co I see her sir.  Tanker dead ahead!" 

Nicholas lines up his shot... [ here I switched to each hex is now 50 yards]  he boats begins to take damage and multiple ships fire at him.  Will he make it to fire????

Torpedoes away...!
Hit the throttles and hard to starboard.

The target

The fish are undetected...

As the crew race away they are rewarded by a huge explosion!

Nicholas' team race away to the rally point.
Unfortunately Saunders doesn't show.   As this is not an ongoing campaign I ended it there.  In a campaign you could have sailed back to look checking to see if Jerry was still around or just rolled for the fate of Lt Saunder's crew. 

Exciting game that had the brits a little overmatched.  I liked my new system for the unknown  enemy.  I have sent it out to for additional playtesting and will now start to formally write all this up.




  1. That looked really interesting.
    I really need to get my MBT's done.
    Thanks for posting.

  2. Stu,
    Great to hear from you! Yep they are fun models and battles to be had.