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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Tomahawks over the desert; with the 111th Squadron

 First I have to announce that Flotilla Forward is indeed done in draft form.  I just need to reformat it in pretty, readable form to release it.  I hope that will be my summer job.  If not it will be my fall job but I will get it out before Christmas!!!  It is a tweener between Platoon Forward and Squadron Forward but closer to Squadron Forward.  On to todays' post...

The 111 Squadron is one of my first squadrons.  It was a playtest squadron for Squadron Forward and the planes show their age a bit.  I haven't posted with them in a long time but they are a fun squadron.  They started out with 10 or 12 pilots back when I really had squadrons so have attrition down a fair bit.  They have Flight Sgt Boom Balfour get selected for OCS and come back a pilot officer.  They have only had one CO, "Puck" Poole who can outfly any man in the RAF and has 2 kills.  They have a "cool" factor of 1 which means on the base they are considered a fair squadron.  On their last mission their second in command, Lt Thurlby was shot down by a CR 42 and killed.   Puck intends to spin up Flt Lt Johnny Attleburg by having him lead the next mission while Puck goes along.   As you can guess, Puck is not sure if Johnny is up to the task of #2 but wants to give him a fair shot.  


Puck Poole          2 kills      Veteran      "flies like the devil himself"

wingman F/O George Charles        Sprog

Flt Lt Johnny Attleburg               Avg

wingman   Flt Sgt   Nick Skinner     Veteran      3 kills


Mission is CAP over a supply dump as the 8th army gathers supplies for a coming offensive.   It was spotted by the axis the day before.     


Sure enough Puck spots bandits on the horizon and calls out to the lads.  With a little help Johnny moves the group in behind what turns out to be 6 CR -42s.  Their are 2 MC 200s top cover but they are busy racing around higher and frankly not paying attention.  

The Tomahawks achieve a bounce!    [  pretty hard to do where the enemy doesn't see you until you fire!]  

Puck and Charles line it up!

Flt Sgt Skinner gets in tight and gets his 4th kill!.  

The other 3 targets are damaged.     The CR -42s forget about bombing and scramble for survival!  Primary mission already accomplished!

Puck climbs high to prevent the Macchi's from diving on his mates.  He calls for his wingman to join him but Charles is "heavily engaged".  Puck will talk with him after the battle...

F/O Charles follows the damaged Falcon while his wingman/CO duels the Macchi's.    Another Falcon latches on the inexperienced British officer's tail.  

Flt Sgt Skinner, fresh from his kill, shows up and fires at the falcon, wounding the pilot and saving Charles.     During the excitement, the original falcon that Charles was chasing dives away to freedom with severely damaged wings.  

Meanwhile, Flt Lt Attleburg finishes off his first Falcon...

And goes after the section leader.


"Puck" finally gets position on the machi  and scores his 3rd kill!


Skinner hammer's the falcon and it starts to leak petrol but still continues to run towards Italian lines.  He can't seem to line up a fatal shot!

Through some excellent maneuvers Puck actually gets a great shot at the other Machi  but only damages it.

Skinner makes one more pass at the stricken falcon but the Italian refuses to fall.   Skinner admires how the Italian has managed to maneuver his damaged plane all the way back to the front lines.  He waggles his wings and breaks off.  

The Italian makes it back to base!

The buildup continues...

Great game that played in under an hour.  A resounding victory for the 111 Sq.  Flgt Sgt Skinner needed one more kill to make ace and I thought he was going to get it but the Falcon kept out of his cross hairs; amazing.    Flt Lt Attleburg gets 2, gains Veteran status and has proven he can be #2.  Puck added 1 to his score and F/O Charles loses his sprog status but his disliked in the squadron as he failed to go help Puck.  The squadron gains 1 cool point so now their reputation is starting to spread across the theater.     [ It also now will help modify die rolls.]   



PS    Something else I am working on...



  1. I really enjoyed that...thanks Joe :0)

  2. Jim,
    Thank you! Have an 8th air force battle to post as well.