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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Monday, July 5, 2021

New Scenario-- Road Block and Sgt Bomba

 Happy 5th of July!    I have a day off so time to write.    Hope my US friends enjoyed the 4th with less Covid restrictions finally.   Please get the shot, it does work.  That reminds me that I had 3 4th of Julys with my English friends.  Weird celebrating freedom from the UK on English soil but there seems to be no hard feelings and it was a lot of fun!  

So I was inspired to play a scenario with my FFL in Africa.   This is a great platoon that always does interesting stuff.  As a matter of fact Wargamers Illustrated offered to do a story on my Brittney Shields  battle if I would come to their HQ for a photoshoot.   I didn't want to fly there but I sometimes wish I had; that would have been cool.  You can read my version with my pictures on my Sept 8th post 2019.   

So I rolled up the next mission for the platoon and got "patrol" from Grunt's Forward.  Now with GF I had Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan in mind and patrol works fine there.  In a true peace keeping mission I am not so sure.  If 2 patrols meet and there is no shooting that isn't terribly interesting.  [ In real life it is very stressful but that is not what we are normally going for here.] So for those of you with GF and with true peace keepers take half of the patrols and change them to an unlawful roadblock.  [  The other half we can change to looting or shaking someone down.]      So I present a patrol variant called "Roadblock"


Situation:   It has been reported that one side has set up a roadblock on a main road and is stopping traffic and collecting tolls.  This is clearly in violation of the cease fire in effect.  Take your unit and break up this road block.  Avoid bloodshed if you can but you are authorized force if necessary.  Obviously avoid non combatant casualties and your own.   It is yet another tricky task but that is why we are here.  Good Luck!

your Forces:  Suggest you take 1-2 squads

Additional forces

armor   unlikely

Artillery/air  possible

engineering    very unlikely

Board:  Roll up the board as per PF.  Make sure a road runs from north to south.    Place a roadblock either in square 2 or 5.  You will enter from the south edge.  Enemy reinforcements can enter any edge.  

Enemy Forces:

A + 2

B + 2

2 Cs

 Units placed at the roadblock proper get +1 to the blinds table.     C is variable depending on forces.  Odds are the enemy will have a vehicle.  A government force should have a 50% chance of having 2 but only 1 can be heavy.  For a rebel force I would give a 50% chance of having a technical.  Don't forget the standard modifiers of +1/-1 depending on how your roll for the first C.  

starting turn 3 after contact bring in an "A" blind from a random edge each turn until 1 is real.  That is the only reinforcements that occur for the enemy unless random events occur.   

Victory:  Remove the road block quickly and as quietly as you can with minimal non combatant damage and friendly casualties. 

Special rules.  When the enemy sees your force roll a D6.   1-2 they fire immediately, 3-4 they will wait until you close to close range, 5-6 they will parley.  After each turn of parley there is a 50% they will open fire.   Your force must maintain their rules of engagement!  If they don't their will be trouble. 


 Lt Lorray realized he was not meshing with the men.  Now Sgt Bomba had gone off and rescued that singer.  There was talk of him getting a medal!  Well Lorray old son, time to step up your game and get your hands dirty.  Maybe even learn from this Bomba fellow.  

Sgt Bomba walked into Lorray's tent and Lorray got right to the point.  Captain says the rebels have set up a check point on the west side of town.  I am to go and persuade then to take it down.   Crank up your squad, we are going for a ride to the west side!


 Lt Lorray     Avg leader          Platoon doesn't like him

Sgt Bomba      very good leader-- literally just saved a rock star.  Squad morale +1 when led just by him.

FT lead Cpl Collins    Obnoxious English public school kid who got bored.  Avg leader


 West side of town.  French enter from the left.  Road block is to the right.  I am going to use FOF reinforcement points instead of board edges. 

 Road block.  I rolled up 2 squads, 2 RPGs and 1 LMG but only 1 avg leader.  They will be hard to rally.

The french enter.  Lt Lorray has never liked APCs; they smell.  

I roll a 6 so...

The french roll up to the roadblock.  They can see there are an awful lot of rebels.  Lt Lorray decides to parlay from the truck.  After several minutes it is clear they are getting no where.  He backs up the truck and...

orders Sgt Bomba to deploy his squad.  Bomba orders Cpl Collins to take the LMG to the wall on the right to flank the roadblock.  As the french move firering starts!  Now at least the Foreign Legion knows what to do.  

The truck lays down covering fire...

Collins gains the wall and starts to lay down suppressive fire.  [ the rebels in the truck flee]

Sgt Bomba is consistent at least.  He takes the half squad and charges the road block!  

The rebel leader keeps his cool and slips back behind the next set of barrels figuring he will catch the french in a huge crossfire should they win this fisticuffs.  The french do!  Now Bomba is in a bit of a pickle.  5 next to a dug in LMG and 8 rebels in a semi circle.  Sgt Bomba charges the LMG.  He is pinned down however and a legionnaire  goes down.  He has no choice but to pull back behind the Toyota.  

Meanwhile, Lt Lorray, fearing Sgt Bomba was going to win the battle without him, quickly abandons the truck and races to the barrels.  [ this of course drops the squad's morale back to normal.] 

Back at the truck...

This doesn't look good!  Fortunately the french are able to pin them down until they move to a better location. 


It is a stand off.  While the French try to win fire superiority Lt Lorray calls for back up.  [ Random event raised the morale of half the rebel troops.  Guess they felt embolden going toe to toe with the Legion.] 


The french are unable to win the firefight and the standoff continues.    When the rebels see an armored car coming down the road they break off and move into the jungle.

Very quick battle.  This one was tough.  I am not sure what I would have done differently.  It was hard to win the firefight with the rebels dug in.  I called it a draw.  We did win the field but the rebels retreated on their terms.   We did have 1 KIA and he is not replaced yet.  Lt Lorray didn't help his cause any and now Cpl Collins' fireteam is getting tired of his obnoxious ways.  

Enjoy the new roadblock scenario!


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  1. Hi,
    I just bought "Platoon Forward" and "Gruntz Forward". I really like the concept of your campaign rules! Would it be possible to help me with a question? I bought your rules for games with the ruleset "victory decision" from Agis Neugebauer. So I would like to know how to reinforce tanks beside of infantry? I would be very happy about every tip! Thank you very much!