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These are their individual stories as played out using my various campaign rules . Hopefully these stories will entertain and inspire you to use your own troops, airmen and sailors to accomplish your own great heroics.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saving Zeus Vietnam style

This is a continuation of my 1st cav platoon originally posted on 1 Nov. Read that one first, I'll wait. Good, now we will get back to Lt Alan.

Lt McSwain shook hands with the armor officer while rain bounced off the metal roof of the command bunker. Lt Jaroze started, "Lt Alan has a problem and he needs our help quickly." Lt Alan blurted out, " Zeus is broken down! He has been with me the whole tour, I have to save him." After several minutes McSwain figured out that Zeus was a M-48 Patton tank that Lt Alan was strongly attached too. Apparently it had saved his platoon on more than one occasion. McSwain wondered if the division psychiatrist had met Lt Alan. Lt Alan wanted some infantry to guard the tank until it could be fixed. He currently had a M-113 on scene and 2 squads of ARVN CIDG from the local village. "Sure we can help you. I will send SSgt Davis with one squad now while I get the rest of the platoon together." "Thank you Lt" Lt Alan replied. If you save Zeus he will come back and save you on another day".

Map of area 1 Arvn squad at far end of board
Zeus on the road flanked by a M113 and 1
Arvn squad near looking at the hill and jungle

SSgt Davis shows up and confers with ARVN
SSgt Davis' plan was to have the M113 face left side of board and have the 2 ARVN stay put. He would push out a half squad to reconoiter the hill and then the jungle. Mercifully, with the rain visability was limited to 80 yards so Charlie would have to get close to shoot at Zeus.


Local VC on the hill
As 5 troopers started off towards the hill they came under fire from VC. Then fire opened up from the jungle as well. The Arvn squad on his left immediatly broke and ran for the houses. Outnumbered, SSgt Davis pulled his troopers back and formed a skirmish line while radioing for Lt McSwain to hurry! He dare not ask the M-113 to move as more VC might be waiting to attack from that direction. The VC attempted to turn Davis' left flank with a RPG in tow. They just needed to get within 80 yards of Zeus. SSgt Davis was everywhere, rallying and encouraging. Where was Lt McSwain? Suddenly 3 things happen:
1) An additional M-113 entered from the road nearest the hill. This allowed SSgt Davis to shift 5 troopers towards his left flank to help seal this gap.
2) The Arvn squad returned.
Just as Davis started to breath easier a HMG opened up from the jungle and
3)NVA troops replaced the VC troops on his left and they too tried to turn his flank and get within 80 yards of Zeus!

NVA squad make a final push towards Zeus
through the rain
SSgt Davis took personal direction of the M-60 pig as it spat out death. The NVA came within 80 yards of zeus briefly but that was also within grenade range of the calvarymen who quickly drove them back.
NVA after unsuccessful attempt to turn SSgt Davis'
left flank. (each hex 20 yrds) Arvn showed up and helped a little
VC from hill made attempt to attack to direct attention away but
M-113 (out of picture on top) cut them down
By the time Lt McSwain showed up with the other 2 squads Charlie had withdrawn. 2 bodies were found on the hill and several blood trails in the jungle. 1st squad had 1 WIA. Arvn had 1 KIA and 1 WIA.
Great quick battle! Lt McSwain was too show on the 5th reinforcement card and I never drew it. Must have taken longer to get organized than expected! After the battle moral of 1st squad soared! In addition, afterwards Lt McSwain met the new Forward Observer for the CAV (Lt Cisco) and they have not hit it off well.
SSgt Davis Gr III leader Dynamic leader
1 squad and 1 M-60 MG
2 ARVN squads with poor morale and 2 Gr II leaders
1 M-48 tank (immobilized) can use MG on turret
1 MM-113
Set up. Must set up for all around defense.
on 5th turn or 5th reinforcement card 2 squads and 1 M-60 plus 2 squad leaders and 1 platoon leader
1 random reinforcement showed up. A M-113 on turn 3, entered near hill
2 VC squads (1 poor morale) 1 RPG 1 LMG team
1 Gr III leader 1 Gr II leader
Set up either on hill or in jungle
on 4th turn or 4th reinforcement card 1 NVA squad with RPG and 1 Gr III leader Can enter any edge of board. If solo, roll for entry edge.
1 random reinforcement showed up A HMG
Special rule
Each turn place a zeus card in the deck. When drawn roll a d6. When the cumulative total reaches 18 Zeus is fixed and can either fight or withdraw. If he withdraws then the allied forces may withdraw towards the village. (I never reached 18 for this battle)


  1. The figures are old flashpoint. They are so so in my opinion.
    The rules are a vietnam variant of Too Fat Lardies Troop Weapons and Tactics tentatively called "Charlie Don't Surf"