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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Black Bart Act II

 So I have had the opportunity to continue the saga... { for those of you just joining, please read the previous post.}

Black Bart:  So after our gunfight with the sheriff we allowed everyone a rest. We did find Doc Thompson who not only patched us up but was willing to work a couple of deals with us where all of us could make some money. [ new scheme] I figured the time allowed Johnny and the Sheriff to think about what a close shave they had had!  Then we started hearing talk in the town about Johnny starting to help out the Texas Rangers.  [ new scheme the law is starting]  With them distracted I sent Jake Johnson and his brother Duprey back to talk to some miners about protection.  

Well when they got there guess who is talking to the miners????

Deputy Earl and some new guy! [ actually a new law character James Peabody.  Sorry for the unpainted figures.  Not enough time.  The gent with the face is Alan Frost, foreman of the mine. He gets painted for the second scene.]

Well Jake is pissed.  Not only is the law trying to move in on our territory but Earl is the one who tried to gun Jake down.  Jake is going to take care of this once and for all.

Mine board for this act


Jake deciding to take matters into his own hands!

Jake's shots get Earl's attention...

 His second shot finds it's mark.  Jake is mighty good with a rifle.

Meanwhile Duprey moves up to the miner's shed and has a shoot out with that unamed character. [ James Peabody]

That sneaky varmint Alan comes up and shoots poor Duprey!

Thus ends scene 1.   Everyone survives.    If you want to try it set it up with 2 figures per side.  Play through 1 deck or until someone fails a big nerve test.  I rolled to see who set up talking to Alan Frost. 

So Jake and Duprey come back and tell me how the law is talking with the miners and how Alan shot at poor Duprey and scared him half to death!   Well now we can't stand fer that!  Who do you think runs this town?!  We saddle up the gang and ride out to pay ol Alan a visit.  

 Set up for scene 2 of the mine.  Lawmen set up 2 hexes [20cm] away from any outlaw. 

Unbeknowst to Bart, Earl looking for revenge waits on the hill.

The sheriff waits to give the signal...

So me and the boys come up to talk with Alan Frost.  I have DJ by my side.  The rest of the boys are spread out in case Alan trys sumptin funny now that he is painted up all correct like.  While Alan is all nervous and I thinks it is because of his new paint job but NO, he was in cahoots with the sheriff to ambush us!  Of all the low down tricks.  They couldn't even fight us in the open because THEY WERE SCARED!  

The sheriff plugs Duprey in the chest.  I shoot Alan while Fancy Dan moves up to that cool piece of wire thing that no one knows what it is.  The battle is on!  

The sheriff shots DJ.  Man he has a hot hand today! 

Highlight of the day, Jake shoots Johnny Lightning.  At least he can't play hero today.  Eat dirt Johnny!

Jake has become a fearsome force in the open with that rifle and a +2 aim trait.  Glad he is one of us. 

Mid-battle.   I gun down that no name guy; loser.  [ James Peabody] Our morale is high.  If we can knock one more lawman down they will leave.  Fancy Dan is trying to outflank us [ center near the RR track] while Rufus continues to shoot at us from the hill.  I send Festus around to our right to keep Dan at bay.  Fortunately I can outhink the sheriff any day and twice on Sundays.  

The sheriff has come up for them and it is 3v3, mano a mano.   We have the better men, I like these odds...

NOT FAIR!!!!!    Festus gets 3 under fire markers and then the sheriff plays a cockamamie  "long arm of the law card" that forces Festus to run away. Dagnabit!  We had em right where we wanted them! 

  "Boss weren't we doing this just last week?"  Shut up Jake and run!  We are REGROUPING AGAIN! 


Another fun game that played quick.  For the law no one died and James Peabody was pissed that Black Bart didn't know his name.  He becomes a dude and gains the revenge trait.  The sheriff did so well I rolled on the legends table and now he has an "awesome presence".  The law is doing well and they end up with 21 rep.  

No one died for Bart's gang either.  As a matter of fact, Duprey, surviving a fatal wound is now "marked for greatness".  His brother Jake will now be harder to hit.  Their schemes are mediocer this round so they stay at 16.  The law is pulling away.    Time to introduce the Banditos I think.  

Also got 1 Peter Pig building painted up.




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