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Friday, January 28, 2022

Decisions Decisions Battalion gaming

 So I continue my fascination with battalion gaming.  Being retired is giving me too much time it seems.  I have absorbed all the rules for the modern Battlefront and I like them.  I have dropped the sequence of play and use the one from Force on Force.  I am also trying out the command rules for BF that I found on their website. I converted the fire table to D12  to increase the chances of a suppressed result and am using the option maneuver table because that seems better as well.   If I can get this right I really think I could upscale Platoon Forward to Company Forward pretty easy.  So I am ready to try out a East German steam roller attack on my West Germans.  

My Westies.  A company of infantry, 2 platoons of Leopards and 2 platoons of Jaguars. 


My Easties.  a company of T-55s, T-72s, infantry and a platoon of Saggers plus 2 Hinds.

I didn't roll up the forces but did roll up the board.  Westies on the right, Easties will enter from the left and need to occupy the factory built up area [BUA] in the lower right corner to allow further movement down the road heading west.  

Wouldn't get this with 6mm.  Jaguars awaiting their wayward countrymen...

OberstLt Wessel's deployment of his forces.  1 squad and himself in the read factory.

The Eastie hoard! [ Bet they stopped at McDonalds first] Have to admit wonder what this would look like in 6mm.  

Another view...

A smoke screen blinds Wessel's forces as the Easties advance.  Helicopters force one of the leopard platoons back.  Our Vulcan unit does drive the helos away.  Still we don't take out half as many of the attackers as hoped.  

Suddenly the infantry is upon us and enter the factory BUA.  There are just too many.

Meanwhile, those of you that are familar with my platoon forward stories will remember Sgt Lachman.  I decided for fun his squad would be here in this garage.  A full East German platoon show up as the Jaguar retreats to firing range.

Lachman's squad pushes back 1 squad but 2 close assault...

Lachman's squad is pinned [ small pebble] and it looks dire in the garage at close range but Sgt Lachman's squad expels the invaders!

Fun game but the Wessel was crushed. Don't know if my deployment was just terrible, bad luck or system not great.  Also there were not much Command and Control to do.  I did like how the morale worked.  Wonder if I should try O Group?   I am also weakening about 6mm.  Wonder how that would look on the table for this scale?  Decisions Decisions... 



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